Brain NaviTM By using meaning signals obtained from brainwave measurement and brain analysis,
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  • Description

    A partner who can co-create new business and services that can leverage "Brain NaviTM", a brainwave analysis platform which enables brainwave measurements.

  • Products used

    Brain NaviTM, the Brainwave Sensor and Brainwave Analysis Platform.


  • ・Companies engated in or considering brainwave-related research and business
  • ・Companies that conduct business using data on cognitive functions or are considering it in the future
  • ・Companies that develop education, language learning, VR games, apps, content services, etc.
brainwave sensors and the brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi™)

Brain NaviTM is capable of brainwave measurement and analsysis.

Brain NaviTM is a platform that can measure and analyze brainwaves in real time using brainwave sensor developed by Murata Manufacturing, which incorporates compacts, high-precision, and synchronous technologies we accumulated over many years.
Brain NaviTM enables the analysis and visualization of human cognitive data such as viewing, listening and understanding, by measuring brainwaves with this sensor.
By using data obtained from brainwave (electrical signal) induced by stimuli, it is possible to utilize it for the contents which require individual adaptability, such as education and app development..
"As a case to date, we have developed an application with our partner company that aims to improve English listening skills in a short period of time by measuring and analyzing cognitive speed and its intensity which was realized by one of the function of Brain NaviTM to analyze the brainwave in differentiating the sound."

By utilizing the detailed brainwave data obtained, you can also improve your business, develop applications, and create new value.
Murata Manufacturing is recruiting partner companies that can co-create businesses through the brainwave sensor and brainwave analysis platform, Brain NaviTM.

Overcoming the challenges of brainwave measurement with technology

Brain NaviTM was selected as a project among the Murata Manufacturing's new business proposals, and we have made a number of prototypes so far.
Behind its birth is the concept of "visualization of cognition using brainwaves".
Visualizing human cognition (seeing, hearing, understanding, etc.) based on brainwaves has a wide range of potential to apply in various fields.
With this in mind, we have been proceeding with development.

During development, we faced a variety of challenges.
For example, the measurement of brainwave requires a very small unit level of microvolts, so it is very susceptible to the surrounding noises.

Therefore, Brain NaviTM is designed to withstand environmental noise, and the use of a noise rejection algorithm enables delicate electroencephalogram measurements.
Brain NaviTM enables real-time detection and calculation of brainwaves, called event-related potentials (ERPs), measured in milliseconds as a response to thinking or cognition.
This also allows people to visualize their perceived speeds and perceived intensities.
In addition, brainwave is only a signal, which requires the ability to accurately interpret it. Brain NaviTM can analyze the measured brainwave, and make it meaningful.

One way to utilize cognitive visualization is through neurofeedback.
Neurofeedback is a technology that measures brain waves and visualizes cognitive states to provide real-time feedback to the subject for training. Moreover, this technique can also be used to create an application that improves English listening as described above.
In addition, Brain NaviTM can be fully utilized on the cloud platform so that we can smoothly develop visualized data and collaborate with partner companies.

Benefits of collaborating with Murata Manufacturing through Brain NaviTM

Benefit 1
Enhancing Business Value
We can create new businesses by visualizing people's brainwaves and cognition and using meaningful data, and that we can add more value to existing services.
Benefit 2
Preceding Cases with Partners
We have experiences and know-how on app development that aim to improve listening skills in English with partner companies by taking advantages of Brain NaviTM's real-time information-feedback function.
Benefit 3
Reasonably priced brainwave sensor device
Compared to brainwave sensor devices for research, Brain NaviTM is reasonably priced.
It is a high-precision device made possible by Murata's accumulated technology and our widely respected and trusted expertise in quality designs.
Benefit 4
Prototypes of the device
Prototypes are available now. After contacting us to discuss the specifics of your project, we can arrange to quickly provide you with a prototype for your evaluation.


Murata Manufacturing is looking for partners who can co-create new business and services that can leverage the Brain Navi™ brainwave sensor and analysis platform that enables stable brainwave measurement.

Brain Navi™ development team

Responding to the Diversity of Values by Utilization of Brainwave

As our values become more diverse in the future, we believe that solutions that adapt and provide to individual values and conditions will become more important.

Especially, the visualization of information that is innate to cognitive information is made by measuring and analyzing brainwaves in Brain NaviTM, so the range that can be applied depends on the idea.
Murata Manufacturing believes that by co-creating data from Brain NaviTM and companies that want to use brainwaves to develop businesses and services, we can create new services with value that will suit the times ahead.


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.

Project Examples for Collaboration

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