Murata Interactive
Communication Space

Bringing together and combining
diverse things to generate new possibilities

We place great importance on the value and possibilities that come from different things reacting and combining with each other.

Encounters between diverse people and different technologies lead to the mixing and combination of various ideas, which can generate value that no one had previously imagined.

That's the kind of situation we want to create and the energy we put into the concept for this facility.

Two Roles

Helping to realize a better life
- Role connecting Murata and society - Finding the "seeds" of the future

What kind of seeds should we grow? What will being friendly to people and the Earth look like?
To realize the good life, diverse people will gather, connect, and discuss how to create new value.
They will also increase and evolve the value we already have.
This place will play a role as a space in which to create and nurture the "seeds" of the future.

Expanding awareness to pioneer the future
- Fostering the attitude of an innovator - Nurturing rich "soil"

We believe that the presence of colleagues with lofty aspirations leads to the development of passion and awareness.
People who come here will feel the desire to interact.
It will ignite their "will" to take action. We will contribute to the expansion of an attitude of "transforming" one's own work-style as a "reformer" who thinks sincerely about contributing to the environment and society.


Communication.1A place for "encounters" where diverse people gather and connect

Hoping that the gathering together of many people will create unexpected connections, we have designed the space intentionally to encourage engaging and rewarding experiences. The entrance offers a glimpse of the inside, increasing interest with its mixture of open spaces and calm spaces.

There are plenty of features to increase the diversity of encounters, such as a flexible zoning system.
We also paid particular attention to the furniture and lighting to create a bright yet soft atmosphere so that the people gathered can relax in spirited communication.

  • Open meeting

  • Glass room

  • Flexible zoning system

  • Break zone

Communication.2A place for "experiences" through contact with the diversity and potential of technology

Here, you can encounter various technologies that drive innovation in the electronics industry, with a focus on Murata's products and technologies.

The "Cutting-Edge Exhibition Area" and the "Tech Island," where you can experience technologies and products under development, constantly showcase 10 technologies.
Developers and visitors can use the exhibits to discuss the possibilities of the future. We have also devised ways to convey the feelings, commitments, and inner passions of engineers, which will lead to unknown potential through a variety of topics.

  • Latest topics exhibit

  • Tech Island

  • Demo exhibit

  • Storage

Communication.3A place for "imagination" where ideas evolve new ideas

This is a place for "imagination," where the diverse ideas of those gathered lead to new ideas.

A feature of this facility is that in every aspect, such as the flexible space configuration and the Tech Island that exhibits cutting-edge technology, the facility enables "spontaneous" discussion of ideas.
The facility also has the tools to connect needs and seeds to create ideas, encouraging users to stimulate each other's imagination and creativity.

  • Workshops

  • Events

  • Tools for creating ideas

  • Video system


Murata Interactive
Communication Space

Minato MIRAI Innovation Center
Minatomirai 4-3-8, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 220-0012, Japan

*This facility is not open to the public. Reservations must be made through our employees.


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.