Murata opened the in-vehicle solutions exhibition area

In May 2021, Murata opened the in-vehicle solutions exhibition area “MURATA MIRAI MOBILITY” in the Minato MIRAI Innovation Center
to showcase Murata’s role in the electrification of vehicles through the past, present, and future eras.

In the Experience Area of this space, visitors can see for themselves the possibilities that lie in the future of automotive technology.
They can also see the current state of electrification in the Visual Area and the history of progress through electrification in the History Area.
This facility can show our visitors Murata’s current initiatives for the automotive market and the potential in the future mobility market.

There is a meeting space as well, where ideas from the experience of these areas can be discussed and developed as they arise.

This is a realistic experience facility connecting the past, present, and future where visitors can experience Murata’s automotive business initiatives in the most realistic way possible.
*A gradual expansion is scheduled to take place in the near future for the Experience Area.


Area.1Experience Area

-The future of electrification-

Visitors can experience on actual vehicles not only Murata’s existing products, but also future technologies that have not yet been commercialized.
Murata’s efforts to facilitate and further disseminate the electrification of vehicles are introduced through exhibits and experiences of next-generation technologies

Area.2Visual Area

-Present-day electrification-

Visitors can see the various electronic components and solutions that are being used in vehicles today.
Here, we introduce how Murata’s products are contributing to vehicle performance.

Area.3History Area

-The history of electrification-

Visitors can view in chronological order by decade the progress of electrification throughout history, as vehicles become more convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly with each passing era, and how Murata has been involved in this progress in electrification.

Area.4Meeting Space

-Leading the way to the future-

A meeting space where information and ideas obtained through the Experience, Visual, and Historical Areas can be immediately discussed and developed.
This space can be used to pave the way to all kinds of different possibilities, including the creation of new businesses.



Minato MIRAI Innovation Center
Minatomirai 4-3-8, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 220-0012, Japan

*This facility is not open to the public. Reservations must be made through our employees.


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