Diversity Team

Human augmentation

Seeking new potential for humanity,
beginning with self-realization for individuals with disabilities


We use electronics technologies to remove barriers and help realize a society of well-being,
so that each individual can participate in society regardless of differences in circumstances and beliefs.

A future that leverages diversity

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Social issues to resolve

There are approximately eight billion people in the world, of varying ages, genders, disabilities (or lack thereof), and values. Each of us is different. We believe that this is a wonderful and valuable thing. However, this diversity is not being leveraged in modern society. It is due to discrimination and prejudice that we experience social inequality and conflict throughout society. It is also said that critical environmental issues and the pursuit of self-superiority due to them result in what is called a negative legacy. We believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial in providing future generation with a sustainable planet. We must accept diversity and see differences between people as uniqueness.

For this project, we first would like to focus on the elderly and individuals with disabilities who are suffering from loneliness or other life difficulties. We plan to address these issues by promoting the participation of these individuals in society and supporting their self-realization, and then by providing them with new lifestyles through human augmentation technologies that help to remove barriers.

Future goal

Future goals

Building an inclusive society of hope that is free from unease

If we are to continue to live happily, we must communicate with each other in order to connect and share thoughts. With this in mind, we will engage in this project in two phases toward the future that we aim to realize.


Exceed physical barriers for people with disabilities

During Phase 1, we will help build a society that allows individuals to overcome their physical or language boundaries.

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Build communication between everyone

Phase 2 will target all individuals, regardless of disability. Our technology to combine virtual reality and physical reality will go beyond physical, time, and space restraints to establish a new form of communication. We would also like to create a world of human augmentation in which individuals can recreate themselves however they like, with freedom, dignity, and individuality.

Finally, we aim to help create a society of well-being, where individuals can enjoy their individuality and have hope for the future without any unease.

Two phases of realization

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What is required

Creating technology that goes beyond physical, time, and space constraints


Development of Communication Means Using EEG

During Phase 1, we will focus our attention on brainwaves, in order to make telepathy a reality. Others have studied the measurement of electroencephalogram, which opens the skull and inserts electrodes directly into the brain. However, One goal of our project is to develop a means of performing this task easily, without surgery.

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Creating a Lifestyle with Advanced Technology

During Phase 2, we hope to use brainwave technology, alter ego robots, five senses technology, and advanced communication technology to provide experiences that go beyond physical, time, and space constraints. Our brains control how we think, feel, and move, and it is said that it is this organ that is responsible for how we experience the real world. We hope to apply alter ego robot and five senses technology to the brain to provide human augmentation that goes beyond conventional constraints in areas such as remote work, self-care, regenerative medicine, and the pursuit of beauty, to provide solutions for new lifestyles in areas such as interacting with society and seeking one's self.

Current initiatives

step1,Determine issues→step2,Create solutions to solve issues→NOWstep3,Develop specific solutions→step4,Seek partners→step5,Conduct experiments→step6,Create business
  • STEP01

    Determine issues

  • STEP02

    Create solutions to solve issues

  • NOW

    Develop specific solutions

  • STEP04

    Seek partners

  • STEP05

    Conduct experiments

  • STEP06

    Create business

We are currently in Phase 1, and are developing a device that uses brainwaves to transmit thought. Our goal is for people with severe physical disabilities who have trouble communicating to use this device to experience the joy of communicating with those around them, participate in society, and achieve self-realization. Although still in the prototype stage, we have obtained some excellent results showing that it is easier to attach than a conventional electroencephalograph, and offers excellent response speed and accuracy. However, the neurotransmission activity of our brains differs from person to person, and so, our goal now is to solve these problems, and also, to further shorten the response time. We also hope to use this technology as a foundation for expanding the scope of use. We will continue our efforts with a strong belief in making the impossible possible.

image of ctual experiment

Actual experiment
A simple electroencephalograph with quicker response speed


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.