Murata is looking for
partners to create the future


Themes for Which We Are Looking for
Collaboration Partners

Murata is looking for partners who can create new possibilities together with us in various projects.


Murata realizes innovation through collaboration.

Innovator in Electronics

This slogan expresses our desire to take the lead in innovation in the electronics industry. Murata continues to meet the needs of society as it diversifies with the times through original products and technologies. At the same time, we are engaging in initiatives aiming to solve social issues through business focusing on the four key issues of communications, the environment, mobility, and wellness.

The Value Murata can Provide

Providing resources required for the various stages of collaboration.

  • STAGE.01

    Technology establishment

    • R&D engineer resources and the knowledge they have accumulated.
    • Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) expenses for joint research, development, and evaluation.
  • STAGE.02

    Preparation for mass production

    • Process engineer and quality engineer resources to prepare for mass production.
    • Marketing network for confirming product specifications.
    • Minor investment can also be considered.
  • STAGE.03

    Start of mass production and business expansion

    • production capability and global supply chain.
    • Providing marketing support to expand business scale, such as product and application development.
    • Providing options, such as licensing, joint venture establishment, etc.

Our Stance toward Collaboration

Murata’s history begins with technology, knowledge, and people it encountered through collaboration with universities.
For the 70 plus years since then we have continued to produce new value through collaboration in a variety of formats with many partners,
such as research institutions and companies.
Murata ceaselessly passes on the DNA for producing innovative value together with collaboration partners.

Our advantage is being able to provide needed resources by aiming for Win-Win relationships with an open stance.
We are engaged in research and development through long-term partnerships with universities and startups even in areas that require time to produce results,
such as material technology as well as AI and autonomous driving on which the world is currently focusing.


We have posted a video that allows you to learn about collaboration with Murata. Please feel free to watch it.

Murata Manufacturing

Murata contributes to the advancement of society and the electronics industry by creating innovative products and solutions,
in close cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders.
Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, we service our customers with a global network of manufacturing facilities and sales support.


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.