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Combination of
nature and electronics

~Achieving a society where the structurally vulnerable
within primary industries are rewarded~


Among primary industries, we focus on forestry, which have various issues.
We aim to develop forestry by improving timber traceability with electronics.

Development of forestry

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Social issues to resolve

Primary industries provide us with food, clothing, and housing. Especially in developed countries, the biggest issue these industries are facing is the lack of new workers to take over from aging workers. As primary industries slow down, this will have an effect on secondary and tertiary industries.

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Trends in forestry workers in Japan

Trends in forestry workers graph

Source: "National Census," Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Resolving this will be crucial for society as a whole. This is especially true for forestry, which is now faced with many issues. Some examples include illegal logging and the high ratio of fatal industrial accidents.

There are also issues with fair trade. There is no established way to verify land, making it impossible to buy and sell trees at a price that is fair as a brand. By resolving each of these issues, we aim to make forestry more appealing and help attract young workers to the field.

Future goal

Future goals

"Clarifying boundaries" and "establishing fair trade"

Logging requires permission from the landowner. Logging without permission is illegal, so it is extremely important to be able to determine who owns a piece of land and the land's boundaries. Determining boundaries is especially difficult on mountains that are not within GPS range. It can take many hours to physically seek out boundary stakes. Our first goal is to streamline this process. Our next goal is to increase brand value. There are so-called "brand" trees named after the location where they are grown, but it becomes extremely difficult to determine where a tree is from once it has been logged. By resolving this, we believe that we can improve brand value and help enable fair trade.

  • Boundary stake hidden in the grass

    Boundary stake hidden in the grass

  • Widespread illegal logging around the world

    Widespread illegal logging around the world

  • A forest of precious wood that can be used to establish a brand

    A forest of precious wood that can be used to establish a brand

What is require

"Visualizing land boundaries" and "accumulating data on raw lumber"

  • Experiment to find boundary stakes in a forest

    Experiment to find boundary stakes in a forest

  • xperiment using prototype device

    Experiment using prototype device
    (to determine whether inserting parts into trees is possible)

Landowner rights for mountain land are becoming increasingly complicated. In order to streamline the work involved in determining who owns a piece of land, we intend to visualize land boundaries. More specifically, we will embed transmitter chips capable of being read using radio waves inside boundary stakes hidden in forests, in order to make it easier to find them. This will also help us to accumulate data on raw lumber. This involves embedding chips in trees to track whether or not they have been cut down. This would help improve wood traceability, and could also even improve brand value and help enable fair trade.

Current initiatives

step1,Determine issues→step2,Create solutions to solve issues→NOWstep3,Develop specific solutions→step4,Seek partners→step5,Conduct experiments→step6,Create business
  • STEP01

    Determine issues

  • STEP02

    Create solutions to solve issues

  • NOW

    Develop specific solutions

  • STEP04

    Seek partners

  • STEP05

    Conduct experiments

  • STEP06

    Create business

Although we already know what issues are facing the forestry industry today, our project team visits forestry sites frequently in order to see for themselves what needs to be done. The goal is to observe the site and help out with work, in order to get a better feel for the issues. This helps the team to discover new things, and serves as a valuable source of information crucial for coming up with solutions. The team is engaged in various efforts, including conducting experiments where transmitter chips are embedded in boundary stakes and wood, or attempting to customize a Murata "safety monitoring helmet" for forestry work. The team hopes to go through a process of trial and error in order to arrive at practical solutions.

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