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Connectivity Solutions For NVIDIA🄬 JETSON™

Murata provides wireless connectivity solution to realize easy integration for NVDIA🄬 JETSON™ Nvidia's strong AI platform and Murata's wireless solution offer easy solution to achieve time to market.


Wi-Fi ® sensing for child presence detection(CPD)

Wi-Fi sensing can accurately detect breathing and motion anywhere inside the car without blind spots. Wi-Fi sensing can be freely located in contrast to cameras.


Murata’s Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® and Cellular Cat-M1/NB-IoT AWS qualified modules enable cloud-connected IoT devices

Murata's qualified connectivity modules combining the excellence in module manufacturing with a large and diversified products portfolio, together with AWS cloud excellence powered by over 175 services and a dedicated IoT Core platform - providing scalability, security, analytics and device management services, accelerate and simplify the journey to develop IoT devices and end-to-end solutions.


Accelerating the AI & IOT solutions enriching our lives

Google combined Murata’s compact package technology and Google’s own Edge TPU chip enabling power-efficient and high-performance machine learning inference to create a new compact AI module.


VitaNet and Murata join forces to utilize Murata Bluetooth® module with QR code to convert industrial components to IoT

Cloud is enabled to directly control Bluetooth® device by reading QR code to identify a device. Authentication and secure Bluetooth® communication follow automatically.

Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform

Innovative platform which simply connects devices and the cloud

LPWA/Bluetooth® Low Energy Tag Linking Solution

"Condition" and "status" management solution utilizing LPWA

Integrated Wi-Fi+Bluetooth® MCU Modules

Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication function and micro control unit in a single unit Easy to Use AT Command (Serial Communication)

Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla's end-to-end IoT software applications to provide secure and scalable connectivity, data analytics, and seamless user experiences. Ayla is solving the IoT so you don't have to.


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