IoT Connectivity PlatformAccelerating IoT Innovation


Accelerating IoT Innovation

Electric Imp provides an innovative and powerful IoT connectivity platform that makes it simple to connect nearly any device to the Cloud. Featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, APIs, and cloud servers, the platform decreases costs and time-to-market. The managed services platform provides the reliability and security that businesses and developers require to deploy, manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users or endpoints.

The platform is ideal for a wide range of greenfield and brownfield applications, including asset monitoring and management, operational efficiency, auto-replenishment, logistics and tracking, predictive maintenance, security-critical applications, and much more.

What differentiates Electric Imp from traditional IoT approaches is that all components and services of a solution are designed, integrated, and managed together.

Electric Imp Managed Cloud™


Electric Imp provides a unique two-tiered architecture purpose-built for IoT applications. The first component is made up of the impOS™ and the impModule™. The impOS provides secure cloud connectivity services to products, enabling users to concentrate on creating code to bring their products’ functions to life.

The impOS runs on the impModule, authorized hardware which ensures silicon-level hardened security. The imp-authorized module is placed inside a device, component, or product and provides a powerful local compute capability and connections to application-specific sensors and actuators. The module also provides local intelligence and IP-based cloud connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Cellular. The module is not manufactured or sold by Electric Imp, but instead available through Murata.

The impModule connects securely to the impCloud™ agent, which is a fully programmable middleware container. It enables custom in-flight data processing and integrations to the customer’s downstream cloud data and application services. This unique architecture delivers the flexibility necessary for realworld IoT solutions and is what makes scaling solutions effortless and automatic. The impCloud agent can securely connect to external clouds via pre-packaged high-performance cloud-to-cloud integrations.

The impCentral™ operations and management web interface gives customers access to advanced functionality, tools, and statistics and enables customers to manage their products at scale, roll out new product functionality, and monitor operations with a few clicks. With impCentral, Electric Imp delivers OTA system, software, and security updates.

Electric Imp impSecure™ covers all seven layers of an IoT solution -- from the edge device to the cloud -- providing robust security and eliminating weak links and security gaps. Continuous security maintenance of the IoT solution (including devices in the field) protects against future threats, giving customers peace of mind.

To help enterprises quickly move from proof-of-concept (PoC) to market-ready, Electric Imp offers an IoT QuickStart Family, which includes off-the-shelf hardware and reference designs. Customers can then seamlessly scale from PoC through field trial, mass production, and deployment using the same underlying platform, minimizing complexity, risk, cost, and time-to-market.

Electric Imp Connected Manufacturing Suite enables full lifecycle management of IoT devices – from manufacturing through deployment. Electric Imp’s Connected Manufacturing creates workflow automation and data insights to help cut waste, optimize labor, and assure security throughout the manufacturing process. It allows companies to securely verify, test, and control the manufacture of their connected products from anywhere in the world. For anyone who has ever built millions of connected devices, visibility, flexibility and secure control of the manufacturing process are critical to determining a successful product launch.

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Lifecycle IoT

Core Pillars

Reduces time-to-market and TCO

Electric Imp speeds proof-of-concept to market-ready, with exceptional flexibility and reliability across a wide range of IoT solutions. It has successfully implemented mission-critical commercial and industrial deployments for over 100 customers, including Fortune 500 companies.

  • Allows prototype-to-production in as little as 5 months by leveraging hardware reference designs and pre-built hardware and software integration
  • Decreases costs and time-to-market by providing fully integrated hardware, OS, APIs, and cloud servers that are designed, integrated, and managed together
  • Simplifies connecting nearly any device to the Cloud, including greenfield and brownfield applications
  • Improves return-on-investment by removing complexity with all components and services for a solution designed, integrated, and managed together

Supports large-scale IoT implementations

The platform provides scalability for developing, manufacturing, deploying, and managing large-scale IoT implementations. It has a uniquely scalable architecture with over 1.5 million devices.

  • Enables businesses to effortlessly increase device population as their needs change
  • Provides advanced tools to enroll, provision, manage, and monitor groups of devices, including reliable over-the-air (OTA) software and security updates
  • Supports horizontal architecture, allowing rapid reuse across multiple product lines, including choice of WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth® LE or Cellular connectivity
  • Offers choice of public or private cloud service based on business and scalability needs

Ensures chip-to-cloud security

Electric Imp delivers fully integrated silicon-to-cloud security, including continuous security maintenance for the lifetime of the product. It is tested and approved by public companies and certified to UL 2900-2-2, Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems.

  • Ensures security from the edge-to-the-cloud with security architected into the solution from the ground up then fully integrated, tested, and incorporated into customers’ applications
  • Provides defense-in-depth with silicon-to cloud security with no gaps or weak links, including secure device manufacturing
  • Offers defense-over-time with managed security for the lifetime of devices, included as part of the offering, leading to lower total cost-of-ownership
  • Verified security as the first and only IoT platform to be independently certified to UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity requirements
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7 Layers of impSecure™ Managed Security

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