Wi-Fi ® sensing for child presence detection(CPD)


Wi-Fi sensing enables
high flexibility of sensor location with high detection capability

ORIGIN™ WirelessAI & Murata

Wi-Fi sensing can be freely located in contrast to cameras.
We can accurately detect breathing and slight movement of children.

We can detect changes of environment by using real time sensing with combination TRM(WirelessAI™) Technology of Origin Wireless™ and Murata’s high reliability wireless module.



  • Existing Wi-Fi system can be used.
  • Tiny motion and breathing can be detected
  • High flexibility of antenna position
  • Child under a blanket and on the floor can be detected
  • Both front seat and rear seat can be covered.
  • No calibration required
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    Camera mmWave Radar Wi-Fi
  Method Image Radio Radio
Usability Flexibility of sensor location Fair Fair Good
Calibration - Fair Good
Detection capability Breathing detection Poor Good Good
Motion detection Good Good Good
Blind spots Poor Good Good
Under blanket Poor Good Good
Localization Good Good Poor


  • Changes of environment can be be detected from changes of radio wave reflections.
  • Breathing can be detected from the periodicity of radio wave reflections.


*We can accept inquiries only for automotive applications.

Child presence detection
Intruder detection

System configuration example

CPD System configuration
Block Diagram of Wi-Fi system

Two Wi-Fi modules are required to detect a child in the car.
Existing Wi-Fi systems like in-vehicle infortainment(Car navigation) or telematic control unit can be used.
Wi-Fi sensing system can be built only by installing Originwireless software in either Wi-Fi system

Support service for PoC(Proof of Concept) test

Murata can provide ”Support Service for PoC Test" before you develop commercial product and service.

Lending of "Evaluation kits"
Technical Support for installation and operation.

*Service offerings are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.
*We will provide evaluation kits to customers who will produce their products more than 10K a year.

Evaluation kit

Evaluation board
Murata Wi-Fi module For Sensing
WLAN NXP Chipset 88W8897

*We can accept inquiries only for automotive applications.


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