Traceability for small products with RFID

With RFID technology Murata supports improvement of efficiency
in the production process and customer support.

Products that requires individual setting, such as hearing aid, needs product information recorded in each product. Using conventional methods such as QR code is becoming difficult due to the downsizing of products.
Additionally, hearing aids are usually in direct contact with the skin, and labels attached on products can get dirty. This might prevent the smooth identification of products.

* The pocket type reader shown in this page, Blueberry UHF MS4 is the product from Tertium Technology.

Difficulties in the hearing aid market

Manufacturing record and amplifier setting is managed through separate means.

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[Factory] With the downsizing of the board, the QR code cannot be traced in units of slave boards. Individual amplifier adjustments are required for each customer. [Store / customer service] Settings cannot be read from outside the case when tuning is required after return. Used products are difficult to identify because the identification label is dirty. [Customer] Shipping wrong products may harm customers' ears.

Advantages of RFID

Centralized management from the manufacturing stage to the after-market is possible.

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[Factory] Linking with board information, managing history in manufacturing process, and linking with amplifier values. [Logistics Center] Final confirmation that the shipping destination and amplifier adjustment data are correct. [Store / customer service] Identification of returned products from outside the case. Amplifier information can be confirmed. Efficient identification of returned items.


  • Can be read from the outside even when placed inside the product.
  • rewritable
  • resistant to dirt

Why Murata

    • Small and robust. Possible to mount on substrates and to resin-mold.
      By taking advantage of the above features, history can be tracked from the beginning of the manufacturing process.

    • Murata can support reader writer integration and antenna design as well as RFID tags.

Reading Method

  • The image that a small tag can be read in the manufacturing process if a dedicated loop antenna is used

    • Dedicated loop antenna for small tag is set in each point at production process.
  • Image that product information can be obtained anywhere with portable reader / writer

    • Small portable reader writer devices allows you to check product information and settings even at the store/customer center when returned or before shipping.

How to attach

  • Adhesive
  • Double sided tape
  • Injection molding, etc.

Read range (Reference)

For customers looking for RFID tag/reader-writer.

Murata also offers hardwares from the lineup of RFID tag and reader-writer. Please find the detail in the product page.