Cable authentication with RFID

With RFID technology Murata supports seamless communication.

Since data centers handle huge amounts of date, one mistake on a cable connection can cause huge trouble and loss.
RFID can prevent human error and improve the efficiency in cable management.

* The pocket type reader shown in this page, Blueberry UHF MS4 is the product from Tertium Technology.

Difficulties in Cable Management Market

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The problem when attaching cables is that the insertion location is difficult to understand at a glance. It takes time for wiring. If you make a mistake, it can lead to system shutdown or significant damage. History management is performed on handwritten documents and data manually entered by the operator on the terminal.

Advantages of RFID

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When installing the cable, the app will inform you of the insertion location by reading the cable with your current handy reader / writer. Although development is required, it is also possible to notify the insertion location by turning on a LED light. If you make a mistake, you can also be warned by the content of the LED light. History management can be centrally managed by transferring data such as ID, type, insertion slot, and person in charge from the reader / writer.


  • By reading the tag attached to the cable, LEDs embedded in apps or servers can identify the mounting port.
  • By embedding the reader writer and LED in the server port, users can be notified when a cable is inserted in a wrong port.
  • With the embedded reader writer, it is possible to leave a record of insertion/removal.
  • When the cable is returned to the cable suppliers, it can be identified whether the cable is returned to the right supplier.

Why Murata

    • With compact and robust feature, our small RFID tag can be embedded in plastic,
      which enables it to be attached to the LAN cable/optical cable connector.

    • Murata can support reader writer integration and antenna design as well as RFID tag.

Reading method

  • Image of handheld RFID reader reading data from a SC connector to the management PC

    • Connect handy type reader writer with the administration PC.
  • Illustration where the reader / writer and small antenna are built in the server port

    • Integrate reader writer and small antennas into server ports.

How to attach

  • adhesive
  • double sided tape
  • injection molding, etc.
Image of attaching RFID tag to SC connector

Read range (Reference)

For customers looking for RFID tag/reader-writer.

Murata also offers hardwares from the lineup of RFID tag and reader-writer. Please find the detail in the product page.