PCB management with RFID

With RFID technology Murata can support the realization of smart factories.

The first step for a smart factory is the management of production records for each product.
Generally labels with QR codes or Barcodes are the typical methods for tracking production records of PCB.
However, label printing and the adjustment of the reading camera consumes your time and Manpower.
Murata RFID can turn PCB itself into RFID tag, which can help seamless reading in each process. It is also readable as a batch for inventory count.

* The pocket type reader shown in this page, Blueberry UHF MS4 is the product from Tertium Technology.

Difficulties in managing PCB with Barcode or QR code Label

  • Illustration of QR code label affixed to PCB (printed circuit board)

    • Necessary to print and apply labels.
    • Large label area is required, which prevents the downsizing of PCB.
  • Illustration of reading QR code with RFID handy reader

    • 1by1 reading is required.
    • The camera position and angle needs to be adjusted for each model.
  • The image showing that the QR code label affixed to the PCB (printed circuit board) inside the case cannot be read. Illustration that the label attached to the outside of the product is vulnerable to dirt and scum

    • Another label is needed on the resin cover/casing since the label on the PCB inside is not readable.
    • Label outside is vulnerable to dirt and scratches.

Advantages with RFID deployment

  • Rather than affixing labels, an RFID tag can be attached during mounting and reflow to improve efficiency

    • RFID chips can be mounted and go through reflow together with other parts.
    • Eliminates the time and process for printing and placing the labels.
    • Downsizing of PCB is possible since RFID tag requires only a small area.
  • Image that real-time measurement / monitoring is possible by installing a reader in each process

    • Real-time monitoring system enables “Smart Factory”, improving process efficiency and optimizing inventory.
  • Image that a tag attached to the PCB (printed circuit board) inside a case can be read from the outside

    • It can be read even with the resin cover or the casing in place, and it is possible to get individual information without turning it on. It is also possible to improve operational efficiency, and customer service.


  • Readable from the outside even when resin cover or casing is in place.
  • Long read range
  • Write/rewrite necessary information

Why Murata

  • Can be mounted together with other parts before reflow process without printing or placing labels.
  • In addition to RFID technology, Murata can also support the implementation of RFID to manufacturing processes based on our experience as a manufacturer.

Reading Method

  • Illustration of installing an antenna before and after the process and registering In / Out information on the server

    • Set antennas before and after the process to register the In/Out information with the server.
  • Illustration of installing an antenna in the work in process storage location and registering work in progress information on the server

    • Set an antenna in the in-process inventory area and register inventory information in the server.
  • Illustration using a small reader / writer to acquire individual information from outside the housing

    • By using a small portable reader writer, individual information can be obtained from outside the case even at the store/customer center when returning or shipping.

How to attach

Image of RFID mounted as a chip component

  • Print the recommended antenna pattern on your board and mount the RFID Chip.

Read range (Reference)

For customers looking for RFID tag/reader-writer.

Murata also offers hardwares from the lineup of RFID tag and reader-writer. Please find the detail in the product page.