RFID solution

What we do

We offer consultancy expertise and a comprehensive product range
spanning both software, hardware and value-added services.

Our Approach

When proposing RFID, some vendors start from their technology. We do not, we listen to our customer’s needs, the opportunities they wish to gain or the issues they want to address. Use cases can be in operations and supply chain management; in distribution and logistics, all the way to retail stores and online sales.

We determine which data are needed to tackle the specific use case and, only then, we engineer RFID technology and systems, software and processes to generate those data.

It’s the doctor’s approach. We first listen to the customer’s symptoms; together we define the diagnosis; we then determine the prescription, that is we individualize the right RFID system and technology for every single use case.

For customers looking for RFID tag/reader-writer.

Murata also offers hardwares from the lineup of RFID tag and reader-writer. Please find the detail in the product page.

Experts on wireless communication and antenna design

For implementation of RFID, it is important to avoid miss-reading by opitimizing the operation and to select the suitable hardwares considering radio interference. Murata has a long experience as a manufacturer in a field of wireless communication, and indepth knowledge on wireless technology and antenna design. We have the strong capability to propose the solution optimum to each customer's environment.

Our office/lab is equipped with variable equipments to conduct simulation of RFID frequency and unechoic chambers to perform an accurate evaluation with actual tag/reader-writer, and so on. Dedicated engineers are availeble to support the test evaluation.

An image of anechoic chamber

Murata owned factory to provide stable supply

Murata has a wide range of line-up of RFID tag. Our best selling tag desineg with ceramic is one of the smallest RFID tag in the world. These products are manufactured in Komatsu Murata Manufacturing (in Ishikawa Prefecture), producing over 100 million pieces in total and achieving stable supply.

An image of Murata owned factory