One single point of contact and responsibility

At Murata ID Solutions, we have been leaders in RFID research and development for over 20 years and were among the earliest to understand its potential.
With consultancy expertise and a comprehensive product range spanning both software and hardware, we are perfectly placed to assist you in unlocking the hidden value in your business.

Consultancy Applying the science of
RFID to your business

With over 20 years’ experience in RFID research and development, Murata ID Solutions is well equipped to identify the areas where RFID could be most beneficially applied and draw up a roadmap to get you there.

Ahead of any major RFID venture, our experts draw up a blueprint that sets out the parameters, key action points and expected outcomes of the project. This feasibility study comprises three sections: “As-is” analysis, “To-be” planning and finally a full calculation of the costs and projected ROI associated with the project.

Over the years, we have done several feasibility studies with leading companies of various industries. In the FMCG and fashion industry, important studies have been carried out in collaboration with the RFID Lab Board of Advisors from the University of Parma.

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Software Revealing the big picture
with big data

Our id-Bridge - Middleware and Dashboard suite 4.0 (formerly RSA System administrator) is a complete web-based tool, that manages and controls RFID hardware and turns rough RFID data into valuable information.

Our middleware processes and interprets the data transmitted from tagged goods. It forms a scalable software layer that integrates RFID devices with legacy ERPs systems.

Our dashboard is a pivotal BI tool that, thanks to focused shortcuts and KPIs, delivers actionable insights to decision makers.

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Hardware A large variety of hardware
to fit your use case

Our policy is to always negotiate for our customers. Therefore, whatever your project, we can recommend industry-leading products that are perfectly suited to the use-cases in hand, based on careful consideration of quality, customer service and value for money.

We offer a large variety of RFID hardware (fixed readers, mobile readers, printers) supplied by an extensive range of carefully selected leading edge technology partners.

We select only first-class suppliers in terms of product performance, quality robustness and ease of maintenance, as well as supplier customer service performance.

All new hardware products are tested for us by researchers at the RFID Lab from the University of Parma.

RFID Tags The world’s biggest
game of tag

At Murata ID Solutions, we have a wide range of RFID tags suited to a range of use-cases and industries.

We offer cost effective RFID inlays and tags small enough to sew into labels and tough enough to withstand washing. Whatever the product, we are able to offer cutting-edge technology with the levels of reliability and durability you would expect from industry leaders.

For standard products we can offer best class inlays and labels at the cheapest market price. For particularly small goods, we supply the world’s smallest RFID tags that can be embedded into almost any item.

Services System maintenance and
value-added services

Thanks to its ease of use, our software id-Bridge enables customers to independently manage first-level maintenance referring to Murata ID Solutions technicians only for particular cases if necessary.

From our headquarters in Italy, we manage 150+ sites and 1000+ readers worldwide, from Australia to Europe and to the US. We track more than 40M items with our id-Bridge platform.

Our primary value-added service involves encoding tags and shipping them to the customer’s site for application.