Sensing solution using Wi-Fi radio wavepowered by the TRM  (WirelessAI™) of Origin Wireless™


Taking advantage of Wi-Fi radio wave as a sensor

STMicroelectronics eForce Ubiquitous Murata

We can detect changes in the environment by using real time sensing with a combination of. TRM(WirelessAITM)technology of Origin WirelessTM and Murata’s wireless module technology. This technology is enabled by the channel state information (CSI) and H-matrix data provided by Marvell’s IC firmware

Applications using TRM Technology are TRM sensing and TRM Positioning.

We will introduce and demonstrate both ”Presence Monitoring" and "Breath Monitoring" as applications of TRM sensing in this video.


  • We can detect changes in the environment and identify the location of source of the changes with the reach of Wi-Fi radio wave indoors because we use multi path of the Wi-Fi wave.
  • Stress free monitoring for indoors comes true with no sensor, no camera and no wearable devices.


  • Changes in the environment are able to be detected from changes in the Wi-Fi radio wave reflections.
  • By reversing the reflection path, the location of the source can be determined.
  • Sensing is available within the reach of Wi-Fi radio


  • Life Log as a Service

  • Presence monitoring

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Fall detection
    (under developing)


Example of use
- Location Tracking -

Location Tracking can be used as application using Wi-Fi radio wave. "Wi-Fi transmitter" sends a Wi-Fi radio wave, then the "Tracker" receives it while moving. Wi-Fi radio waves reflect on various obstacles and propagate multiple paths. Location Tracking is achieved by analyzing the difference in the time and strength of Wi-Fi radio waves on the Tracker side and calculating distance. This location tracking can be used everywhere because of easy install and low cost. Therefore this solution can be used at shopping center, factory and construction site etc.



  • - It can calculate distance using changes of Wi-FI radio re-flection that occur with movement
  • - It executes mapping using a combination of distance with direction from the 9-axis sensor
  • - We can use achieve high accuracy indoor tracking in real-time.
Location Tracking
  • Route tracking for AGV, container, or a cart at the factory

  • Route tracking for a cart at an supermarket

  • Route tracking for work vehicle (forklift, high lift work vehicle etc. ) at temporary areas like as construction sites.

System configuration example

System configuration example for product is as follows.

You need to develop your products with Murata's Wi-Fi module and Origin Wireless's Software and Cloud Service.

Our Products

Evaluation board
Murata Wi-Fi module For Sensing
Part Number
WLAN Marvell 88W8897
WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2x2 MIMO
Bluetooth Ver.4.2
Interface WLAN : PCIe
ID Chip:I2C
Dimensions (mm) 22mm × 30 mm
Shield/Mold Metal Shield
Operating Temp. (℃) T.B.D.
  • *We will provide evaluation kits to customers who will produce their products more than 10K a year.
  • *We do not sell "Wi-Fi Sensing Solution" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.


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