Connectivity Solutions

NVIDIA Jetson Platform


NVIDIA is a leading company in Artificial Intelligence and Embedded application.
Jetson platform is optimized to development and research for embedded solution like robotics and IoT devices by using cutting edge technology for AI solution.
NVIDIA platform provides various line up depends on performance and supported I/F.

Solution Overview

Simple connection between Marketing leading NVIDIA's AI platfrom and Murata's wireless solution

NVIDIA Jetson platform includes CPU, GPU, memory, PMIC and high-speed interfaces.
Murata provides wireless connectivity solution to realize easy integration.
Nvidia's strong AI platform and Murata's wireless solution offer easy solution to achieve time to market.


Murata's SIP type module offers smaller, simpler and faster design

  • Robust Wireless solution with small form factor
  • Easy connection with NVIDIA platform powered by Embedded Artists' M.2 evaluation board
  • One stop service for all the relevant SW package
  • Quickest solution to add best quality Wi-Fi solution to Jetson platform

Usage settings

  • Quality control, Safety monitoring, Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive stock management, Warehouse automation
  • Customer behavior prediction, Productivity improvement, In store assistance, Supply chain management and logistics
Offices, Retail

Basic specifications

Murata offers Wi-Fi module with M.2 form factor powered by Embedded Artists'. This fits with M.2 slot on Jetson Carrier board. JETPACK SDK provides integrated environment with built in Wireless driver for Infineon solution in order to quick evaluation.


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