LPWA/Bluetooth® Low Energy Tag Linking Solution


"Situation" and "Status" Management Solutions using LPWA

Situation and Status Management Solutions using LPWA

LPWA (Low Power Wide Area - the wireless network that can cover a wide area with low price and power saving) is a wireless communication network technology for IoT. Similarly, Bluetooth Low Energy realizes power saving with short distance radio. This IoT solution combines the two radio technologies together. It consists of "LPWA gateway" with LPWA / Bluetooth Low Energy functions, and "Bluetooth Low Energy tag" with Bluetooth Low Energy functions.

When a person, a car, or something with the "Bluetooth Low Energy tag" approaches the "LPWA gateway", it can be detected with the Bluetooth Low Energy functions, which will provide the access information to the cloud via LPWA.

By managing the place whereby the "LPWA gateway" is placed in advance, it is possible to identify "where" and "what" is approaching. This can be applied to various services or applications.

Application: Example - Parking Lot Sharing Service

Application: Example - Parking Lot Sharing Service

Parking space sharing service - Lending out vacant monthly-rented or personal parking lot, or vacant space as temporary use parking lot. It is possible to build the management system easily by installing the "Bluetooth Low Energy tags" on the cars, and the "LPWA gateways" in the parking lots to be shared.


"LPWA gateway" installed in the parking lot detects the approaching vehicles equipped with the "Bluetooth Low Energy tags" and notifies the cloud. You can see which cars, and where they are parked exactly on the cloud.

What can be checked

Identification of the parked cars and the start/end parking time


  • By using LPWA, it can be installed easily over wide area at low cost.
    → Easy to manage parking lots scattered around wide areas
  • Low power consumption by using LPWA + Bluetooth Low Energy. Can operate with coin batteries.
  • It is possible to grasp the information accurately - from when and for how long the car has parked in the lot.
  • Combining with sensors, detailed status management is also possible, for instance, temperature and humidity of the parking lot, etc.

Home Management Service - Aimed at reducing the re-delivery of Home Delivery Services

Home Management Service - Aimed at reducing the re-delivery of Home Delivery Services

With the increase in the demand for delivery service due to expansion of the business from the Internet mail order, loss due to re-delivery in home delivery service is becoming a problem recently. Reduction of re-delivery due to customer's absence can be achieved with the Home Situation Management System.


Install the "LPWA gateway" at home. The returning of the person with "Bluetooth Low Energy tag" or "smartphone" with Bluetooth Low Energy function will be detected and be notified to the cloud. You can check who is at home from the cloud.

What can be checked

Identification of the person at home and the time he or she returns/leaves the house


  • By using LPWA, it can be installed easily in wide area at low cost.
    → Can be installed irregardless of your home Internet environment
  • By using Bluetooth Low Energy, it is low in power consumption and can be operated with the coin battery
  • It is possible to grasp accurately from when to when who were at home.
  • Such checking can help to reduce the loss due to re-delivery, by contacting homeowners prior to the delivery.
  • Combining with sensors, it is possible to manage the details of the house (temperature, humidity, etc.) too.
    → Situation confirmation of a person staying alone could help prevent heat stroke


In the actual service provision, it is necessary to be very careful in protecting and handling of the home information. For example, it is necessary to introduce a mechanism that enables subscribers to control the disclosure party, such as limiting the disclosure party to only a specific home delivery service company.


Effective utilization of low-power wireless solution enables high flexibility in installation location and short setup time required!

Murata LPWA Module (low power consumption; wide range communication) couples with Murata Bluetooth Low Energy Module (low power consumption; short range communication) - We propose this solution that combines the features of both companies.

Murata LPWA Modules / Murata Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

  • Small size, low profile, high quality and reliable supply capability
  • Support customers' development and mass production

Murata Wireless Software Support

  • Provision of development support by wireless software technology experts

With the cooperation with IoT / M2M cloud platform "CUMoNoSU", IoT cloud system can be easily constructed.

IoT / M2M cloud platform "CUMoNoSU"

  • A platform that can achieve data collection, storage, visualization and analysis easily
  • Easy connection and management of devices and enabling the customization of visibility

Solution Composition

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:LPWA LoRa & SIGFOX module "Type ABZ"Open in a new window

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:LPWA Cellular IoT module "Type 1SS"Open in a new window

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:Bluetooth Low Energy module "Type ZY"Open in a new window

Micro Technology Co., Ltd.:IoT Cloud Platfrom "CUMoNoSU (Kumonosu)"Open in a new window

*We do not sell "LPWA/Bluetooth Low Energy Tag Linking Solution" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.


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