Wireless Sensing Solution

Wireless Sensing SolutionFAQ


What do I need to have to test the wireless sensing system?
You can get started with any one of the sensor units of your interest, and one gateway. Please contact us for a cost estimation for the evaluation kit.
* You will also need a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 10 to run our application software.
Is monthly fee required to use the system?
No monthly fee is required. The sensor nodes and gateway are one-time purchase.
Do I need internet connection?
Internet connection is not mandatory. You can even start with a sensor unit, gateway and stand-alone PC. In case you would like to upload sensor data to a cloud server, please contact us for more information.
Do I need to pay license fee for use of the application software?
The evaluation kit will be provided with a free-of-charge Windows application which features basic data visualization, data logging and sensor/system configurations.
Can I develop my own system or application software? Can you disclose the APIs of gateway?
Yes, we can disclose our APIs under NDA You can create your own application with them.
Will you provide support for battery replacements?
The battery can be replaced by the user, following the directions in the operation manual.
What kind of benefits can I expect from the system installation?
By continuous monitoring of equipment and ambient status without the need for a factory technician being on site, it is possible to achieve, for example, more efficient maintenance, better productivity, more stable production quality and energy savings.
Can I use the system right out from the box?
Yes. Only a few steps are necessary for system installation.
Can I mix and match several types of sensors?
Yes. Any sensor units listed can be used together with a single gateway.
How many sensor units can get connected to a single gateway?
The number of sensor units that can be connected to a gateway depends on the network configuration and communication interval. If it is a star network (peer to peer network) with communication interval of 10 minutes, you can connect up to 100 sensor units.
In which countries and regions can I use this product?
The products are certified for use in multiple countries. Please contact us for details.