Wireless Sensing Solution

Wireless Sensing Solution

Monitoring System for
Factories and Buildings

Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring solution
utilizing Murata's wireless and sensor technologies.

Detecting possible defects
before it's too late

Battery-powered wireless sensors make it possible to monitor environment and equipment remotely with minimal installation effort. Collected sensor data can be used for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, productivity optimization and energy savings in commercial and industrial fields

Optimum solution for
these problems:

  • Want to see if old manufacturing machines are working properly
  • The wireless sensor nodes are optimized for retrofit installation and can be used with little or no wiring works.
  • Want to monitor various machines/parameters
  • Murata offers a great variety of wireless sensor nodes for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Want to avoid large investment before understanding if the system meets the requirements
  • You can get started with just a few sensors, gateway, PC and no monthly fee.

Factory Monitoring System with Wireless Sensor

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  • 06.10.2020Video has been published.
  • 09.20.2019Murata will exhibit the wireless sensing solution in Maintenance & Resilience ASIA held in Bangkok.