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Tire-embeddable RFID tags (Technology guide)

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Tire-embeddable RFID tags are a type of RFID tag specifically designed for optimal performance when integrated into tires, enabling the management of individual tires throughout the supply chain.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to overcome some technical challenges, such as how and where to integrate the tags into the tires, as well as making an RFID tag that is tire-embeddable.
This document introduces tire-embeddable RFID tags and gives tips on how to use them when they are built in (how to examine the position of RFID in relation to metal tire elements, and showing simulation examples.)

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Table of contents

  • Overview
    • What are tire-embeddable RFID tags?
    • Using RFID throughout the supply chain
  • Technology guide
    • Internal position of RFID tag
    • The relation ship between RFID and metal
    • Distance to metal vs read range
  • Murata Products and Technical Support

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