Solution Technologies


Locix LPS Indoor Positioning Combines Locix Technology with Murata WiFi Module

Delivers ultra-precise, cost-effective, WiFi-based indoor positioning. Locix’s patented LPS technology and Murata’s WiFi module combine to provide breakthrough performance even in the most dynamic, challenging environments.


Sensing solution using Wi-Fi radio wave powered by the TRM (WirelessAI™) of Origin Wireless™

Taking advantage of Wi-Fi radio wave as a sensor.We can detect changes in the environment and identify the location of source of the changes with the reach of Wi-Fi radio wave indoors because we use multi path of the Wi-Fi wave.


Evaluation kit solution for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for microcomputers (STM32) equipped with real-time OS

Equipped ST Microelectronics wireless LAN provides a turnkey solution which supports realization of applications utilizing wireless networks

Fast OS Boot x Wi-Fi Link Solution

Wi-Fi modules and Ubiquitous QuickBoot integrated solution compatible with IEE802.11ai

Wi-Fi smart speaker solution

Murata wireless LAN module and QuickLogic EOS S3 provide simple and low-power wireless smart speaker solution.

Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform

Innovative platform which simply connects devices and the cloud

LPWA/BLE Tag Linking Solution

"Condition" and "status" management solution utilizing LPWA

Wi-Fi Audio Solution

High quality Wi-Fi audio which can be developed easily by anyone

Integrated WLAN+Bluetooth solution for IoT market

Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication function and micro control unit in a single unit

Ayla IoT Platform

Ayla's end-to-end IoT software applications to provide secure and scalable connectivity, data analytics, and seamless user experiences. Ayla is solving the IoT so you don't have to.

Wireless LAN Solution for RX63x

Low power consumption wireless LAN solution integrated with an MCU which can be selected according to the Wi-FIR module and system for integrated devices

ECHONET Lite Design Kit

The only development kit to realize HEMS Standard ECHONET Lite in Japan