RFID Software

RFID Software

Software plays a particularly important role in any RFID rollout. The RFID software does not replace existing legacy systems, rather it is the key to manage the RFID infrastructure and ensures a smooth exchange of data between RFID software and legacy systems, which is vital for the efficiency of the entire system.

An RFID project may be properly scaled throughout the entire network, and adequately maintained, only if the software infrastructure has been designed and created with a high level of flexibility and scalability.

The two primary components that make up the RFID architecture are represented by RFID Middleware and the Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard.

id-BridgeTM suite 4.0

id-BridgeTM suite 4.0

Following an extensive period of research, in collaboration with RFID Lab of the University of Parma and senior stakeholders from consumer goods and fashion, id-BridgeTM software suite 4.0 was developed to let commercial organizations easily incorporate RFID technology within their digital initiatives.

Designed to ensure flexibility as well as scalability to satisfy growing business needs, it is a complete web-based tool for managing RFID systems in their entirety.

Historically, RFID solutions have been developed on an ad-hoc basis to satisfy a single application. In contrast, id-BridgeTM Suite is conceived to enable different RFID applications to be managed in a flexible and versatile way.

Middleware and Traceability Platform

Middleware and Traceability Platform

id-BridgeTM Middleware makes it easy to process and interpret the information transmitted from tagged goods.

It releases the logical process from the physical hardware forming a scalable layer which integrates RFID devices with resident management systems.

The middleware helps control all implementation and management phases of RFID systems, creating logical processes that represent the functionality to be obtained. It ensures simple and immediate integration downwards with several field devices and upwards with management software.

Leveraging the full potential

  • integratation
    Easy to integrate

    Integrating with existing business systems such as ERPs is easy and smooth, either through standard or dedicated APIs, dashboard tables data sharing or even text file sharing. id-BridgeTM handles acquiring data from the field, filtering the data, and making it available to resident management systems at the required aggregation level.

  • scale
    Easy to scale

    The software handles small and large projects and can be scaled to the specific needs and data required. It empowers users to modify or extend any current rollout and continually build new applications and benefits into their projects. It can be either locally or centrally installed, in a company server farm with direct access on the local subnet and it can be installed on a physical or virtual machine.

  • geer
    Easy to use and maintain

    id-BridgeTM is easy to use and maintain. Standard business processes are already implemented, therefore much of the work has already been done and only ad-hoc customization may be required. The user- friendly presentation of data allows for an immediate and simple consultation of the information. The intuitive graphical web and user interface furthermore enable the end-user IT resources to do basic first level maintenance and fine-tuning.

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Dashboard, reporting and BI Platform

Dashboard, reporting and BI Platform

To generate value RFID rough data alone is not enough, it needs to be processed, interpreted and presented as value-added information.

The id-BridgeTM Dashboard is the business intelligence tool designed for exactly this purpose. It transforms RFID data from the field into actionable insights to decision makers. It provides focused shortcuts and KPIs and delivers full visibility of processes and physical product flows.

With an intuitive web interface and user-friendly presentation of data, managers at every stage of the supply chain can quickly access the information they need and take any necessary action in real time.

id-BridgeTM Dashboard is organized in modules/functions, each responds to specific needs of value-added information.

id-BridgeTM Dashboard modules

  • Track & Trace
    Track & Trace

    With the 'Track & Trace' module it is possible to obtain multiple information related to the flow of products in real time, such as the position of EPC’s inside the SC, the time instant at which a given EPC has undergone a particular process etc.

  • Last Process
    Last Process

    The 'Last Process' module can be used when only the latest RFID event - and not the entire history of an item - is of interest (when tracking for instance an item’s current position to understand when it was last seen).

  • Replenishment

    The 'Replenishment' module suggests items to restock in the sales area, simultaneously evaluating aspects of backroom availability and advanced sales performances such as “dry” sales in a range, sales/average shelf display time, sales/average number of products on display.

  • History

    This module offers a precise overview of the logistics history of a single EPC. The entire list of RFID processes involving a single item can be displayed. The query output is organized at the level of individual EPC, suggesting the combination of processes carried out.

  • Inventory and availability
    Inventory and availability

    While the 'Availability' module provides an overview of current availability, the 'Inventory' module shows the evolution of stock availability over time through a series of snapshots.

  • Flow Time
    Flow Time Management

    With the 'Flow Time Management' module, it is possible to gather information about the time spent passing through the supply chain for each EPC or for an entire category of products that have been processed within a particular time interval.

"Murata's id-BridgeTM software processes a complex variety of data, but thanks to dedicated shortcuts our shop teams have immediate access to the information required. Their feedback is very positive, RFID has greatly improved their work and increased sales.
We first implemented RFID to improve the accuracy and productivity of inbound / outbound processes, now we use the technology for replenishment and even visual merchandising. We think that in the post-covid era it is essential to digitize the store experience to better understand our customers and id-BridgeTM is part of our strategies to achieve this result."

Antonio Farini
CIO at Max Mara Group

"We have a complex RFID system used by several countries and locations throughout our supply chain. We needed a versatile and high performing RFID software easy to integrate, develop and maintain. Over the years, RFID has become increasingly important for us. We continually develop and expand the system to incorporate new features. With id-BridgeTM that is fortunately very easy and straight forward. The system is simple to scale and developed to include new processes."

Andrea Colombo
IT demand manager WM/LE at Luxottica Group Spa

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