New capabilities and features added to id-Bridge 4.0 - Murata’s RFID Software Suite

05.31.2023 Product news

id-BridgeTM (middleware and dashboard) is an advanced web-based platform that enables end-to-end management of RFID systems on any scale. It takes care of the acquisition, conditioning, aggregation, and interpretation of data from tagged items so that this can subsequently be used to make better-informed strategic decisions.

The platform, developed to enable businesses to get the most benefit from their RFID deployments, is continually developing and improving. New functionalities and applications are constantly being integrated to improve the quality and the performances. The latest version of id-BridgeTM, characterised by a new and modern design, encompasses several new features.

image of id-Bridge

Audit System to track Configuration Changes

Thanks to a new audit system it is now possible to track configuration changes in id-BridgeTM. Every change is recorded in a persistent audit log together with the author username and timestamp. All configuration changes can be reviewed at any time and reverted if necessary.

Full or partial snapshots of the system configuration can also be created and exported. The snapshots can be used for backups, and to rollback changes and restore a previous configuration.

This is indeed a paramount feature for industries like healthcare and pharma, where strict integrity and availability data standards are embraced.

Tracking Point Templates to save complex configurations

A new templating system allows users to save complex configurations as templates and add them to a template library. When creating a new RFID Tracking Point, it is possible to simply choose a template from the library as a starting point and then customise it. The templates can include user documentation and tutorials.

image of PC

Multi-factor Authentication for increased security

id-BridgeTM web interface users can now enable Multi-factor Authentication for improved security. The implementation follows industry standards and supports any third-party authenticator apps on the user’s smartphone.

This new feature may be mandatory in industries where security levels shall comply to regulation standards to ensure data is protected from unauthorized access.

Even greater performances and capabilities

Among the places that benefit from Murata’s id-Bridge suite 4.0 are retail stores and outlets, distribution centres and warehouses, hospitals, transportation networks, pharmaceutical suppliers and food suppliers. Here it helps with optimising operations and processes, improving asset tracking and inventory management, accelerating replenishment activities, preventing theft, providing cold chain monitoring, identifying counterfeit products, and serving numerous other functions.

The advanced platform already manages the data from more than 50 million tags deployed worldwide, the latest updates are certain to bring even greater performances and capabilities.