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The solution for manufacturing industry

An image of manufacturing industory

RFID system enables paperless and efficient management of products and assets, which leads to the reduction of manpower and time that is spent for the management. Also, the flow of operators, products, and assets can be managed and visualized.

Recommended RFID tags

An image of PCB mount tag

PCB mount tag
Small RFID tag which is able to be solder-mounted on PCB (size:2.0 x 1.25 x 0.55mm)
It uses the GND of PCB as antenna, enabling far distanced communication.

An image of inlay

Inlay is a label type tag suitable for work document and packages. Able to be read in long distance (5-6m).

An image of on-metal tags

On-metal tag
Able to be read on metal.

How to attach

An image of attaching on-metal tags on tools

Attaching on tools and jigs
On-metal tags on tools and jigs using adhesive glue or heat shrink tube

An image of inlay attaching on package

Attaching on package
Attaching inlay on package

An image of on-metal tags attaching on capital assets

Attaching on assets (e.g.manufactuting equipment)
Attaching on-metal tags

An image of RFID tags attaching on pallet

Attaching on pallet
Attaching inlay or on-metal tag (in case of metal pallet)

An image of PCB mount tag attaching on PCB

Mounting on PCB
Attaching PCB mount tag onto PCB

How to read

An image of handheld reader

Hand-held reader
Able to effectively and quickly scan data

An image of fixed reader

Fixed reader
Able to read a massive amount of tags at once, improving the efficiency of logistics


Inspection/inventory count

Attaching inlay on products enables efficient inventry count by reading the tags at once. Efficient inventory count also leads to the reduction of labor cost.

An image of inventory count using RFID tags

Traffic line management

By keeping record of the traffic line of folklift and analyse the data, it leads the reduction of folklifts and prevention of traffic accident inside factory and warehouse.

An image of folklift operation with RFID tag attached

Asset management

Attaching on-metal tag on metal asset such as manufacturing facility enables paperless and effortless management of asset.

An image of effective asset management with on-metal tags attached on machinaries.

Production control

Mounting a tag on PCB of the electronic device enables to keep records of the process flow of products.

An image of products effectively managed during manufacturing process

Demonstration videos

The solution for other industries

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