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Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform

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    How do we ensure that data is handled in conformance with privacy policies overseas?


    What restrictions and methods apply to the running of services utilizing data locally?


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What is Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform?

Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform is a one-stop solution providing Japanese companies operating data businesses in Southeast Asia a robust and secure IoT platform in conformance with local regulations and the functionality and systems they need.

This solution was developed with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) and leverages the expertise of Murata and IIJ in local cloud infrastructure, sensing and communication technology, data analysis methods, and business models to assist Japanese companies in getting their data businesses up and running in Southeast Asia.

This solution gives you the support you need to smoothly roll out a data business amid the distinctive and complex business practices of Southeast Asia.

image of Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform

Crossborder Co-DataBiz Platform features

  • image of data gathering
    Feature No. 1
    One-stop solution providing functionality and systems required by data businesses
    • Functionality required by an IoT system is provided, including sensor devices and networks necessary for data collection, cloud infrastructure necessary for utilizing data, and system monitoring and operation of both the edge and the cloud.
    • Systems required for business advancement are provided, including proposals for methods of collecting necessary data, support for utilization methods and analysis of collected data, and data sales and sales promotion by locally owned companies.
  • image of security
    Feature No. 2
    Robust and secure platform in conformance with local regulations
    • Proven track record operating traffic counter systems in conformance with local regulations in several Southeast Asian countries.
    • Uses IIJ cloud services that have received European BCR certification*1 and APEC CBPR certification*2 in recognition of their high level of privacy protection.
    • Local cloud services in conformance with local regulations and data cloud services for secondary utilization of data, taking into consideration crossborder movement of data, are available, and individually customized functionality necessary for data collection, linking, and accumulation as well as data analysis and visualization, alongside security measures necessary for data storage and utilization, are provided by IIJ Safous, a network service from IIJ that implements zero trust*3 security in an integrated manner.
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    Feature No. 3
    Support for commercialization and business operation
    • Murata Manufacturing can provide support for commercialization and business operation, making use of know-how in operating a service gained from the traffic counter business as well as collaborative relationships with local service providers and administrators.
  • *1 BCR (Binding Corporate Rules) certification: Specifies, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s personal data protection law, principles for protecting personal data collected in the European Economic Area (EEA) and rules for sharing such personal data with entities outside the EEA.
  • *2 APEC CBPR (Cross Border Privacy Rules) certification: A mechanism for certifying conformance with the APEC privacy principles with regard to crossborder protection of personal data by companies, etc. Users of services operated by certified cloud service providers can transfer personal data within the APEC region (in countries party to the CBPR system) in a legally secure format.
  • *3 Zero trust: Unlike a boundary-based approach to protection that assumes that “inside the company is safe, outside the company is dangerous,” the zero trust approach to security is based on the assumption that “no one can be trusted” and employs measures to always verify security.

Utilization examples

In Southeast Asia we offer one-stop support to customers aiming at business deployment
through utilization of IoT data, mainly dealing with outdoor assets.

  • image of traffic
    Transport and mobility
    Providing traffic volume data, parking lot vacancy data, etc., that can be used to assist in reducing traffic congestion or searching for available parking lots.
  • image of production factory
    Harbor and industrial zones
    Our solutions can be useful in areas such as enhancing quality of life by monitoring the vital signs of employees who work on the premises, monitoring the status of vehicles moving about the site, predictive maintenance based on monitoring of deployed equipment, and maximizing energy efficiency.
  • image of road management
    Infrastructure monitoring
    Sensor data enabling checking for deterioration and damage to roads or for changes in vibrations, distortion, or internal stress affecting structures can be utilized to evaluate the soundness of structures and help reduce maintenance and management costs.
  • image of farm management
    Smart agriculture and disaster response
    Meteorological data on rain or wind, other environmental data, and sensor data on soil conditions or temperature can be utilized. Applications include optimizing irrigation or fertilizer usage as part of crop management, monitoring data on natural disasters such as floods or tornados, and early-warning systems.
  • Note: The above are only some examples of the ways that the service can be made use of. The service can provide support for a broad array of IoT businesses.

Services provided

  • image of partnership

    We can act as an intermediary with local service providers, creating an environment in which you can provide services without having to establish a local subsidiary.

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  • image of device server

    We can help you design and deploy a cloud system that appropriately utilizes local data centers in conformance with each country’s laws and regulations for storing, monitoring, and making use of data.

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  • image of monitoring

    Leveraging our extensive experience developing devices and designing systems, we can assist you in the selection and design of optimal devices for services for which the hardware does not need to be manufactured in-house.
    Note: You can continue to utilize sensor devices that you have already selected and put into service.

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Sequence up to deployment

  • STEP01
    Contact us
    To get started, feel free to contact us.
    Someone from our team of specialists will reach out to you.
  • STEP02
    A specialist with expert knowledge of overseas business, the cloud, IoT, and devices can consult with you about the current issues you face and your requirements.
  • STEP03
    Based on your requirements, we will provide business and system proposals.
  • STEP04
    Our staff of specialists will assist you with all stages of the deployment process, from finalizing the details of the contract to proposing a task flow, and from procuring equipment to the provision of cloud services.
  • STEP05
    After deployment, we will provide support for system operation and continuous business improvements.

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