Converting industrial components to IoT by QR code
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VitaNet Suite is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for IP network cloud to connect with non-IP Bluetooth® devices easily and securely, enabling Bluetooth® devices to be one of the most cost effective and secure cloud-controlled IoT solutions. VitaNet Suite is made of software framework that runs on Bluetooth® devices, gateways, and mobile devices combined with authentication service in cloud, keeping distributed VitaNet software all working in concert.
Combined with VitaNet software framework, Murata Bluetooth® Module(MBN52832)makes versatile, secure, and cost effective IoT system possible.


QR code converts industrial components to IoT devices

  • Cloud authenticates your Bluetooth® device after reading QR code on the device and, then, starts bi-directional encrypted communication.
  • Reading QR code is necessary only for the first time as device authentication can be done locally afterwards.
  • Costly LCD panel and buttons on the device for complex Bluetooth® operation are not necessary.
  • Cloud can instruct a gateway to communicate with hundreds of different Bluetooth® devices.
  • Cloud can dynamically change which gateway to communicate with a specified Bluetooth® device.
  • VitaNet Suite open architecture works well with any cloud services of your choice.
  • Alive monitoring and device control from cloud improves your system reliability, availability and serviceability.

Benefits for device manufactures

  • Product marketability will be enhanced as your device can work well with both gateway and smartphone/tablets.
  • Simpler operation will improve your smartphone app user experience.
  • Bluetooth® compliant VitaNet Suite SDK makes app development easier and faster.
  • If you prefer not to use QR code, you can add LED light on your device as a status indicator.

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VitaNet enabled IoT system is ideal for smart industry, smart healthcare, smart office, smart home, and more.


Converting conventional industrial components, like motors, pumps, inverters, to IoT is now feasible. They will become an active part of Industry 4.0 and smart factory mega trends. IoT improves operation efficiency and maintainability. VitaNet enabled industrial components can also help establishing direct end-customer access to offer better customer support.


Healthcare work can be simpler and more efficient. Collecting vital records remotely and automatically with security is no longer a challenge. VitaNet enabled Bluetooth® capable thermometer, body composition meter, BP monitor, glucose meter, pulse oximeter, ECG monitor, wrist band device, etc. can be controlled from cloud and can gather vital records automatically. System can scale from home to large healthcare facilities.

Smart office/Smart home

Deployment of great many environment sensors and IoT equipment across many locations for centralized remote monitoring and control was too complex to maintain and was too costly to operate. VitaNet enabled sensors and equipment are ideal for flexible and cost effective deployment, large and small.

Solution configuration

Murata Manufacturing: Bluetooth® 5.0 LE Module(MBN52832)

VitaNet: VitaNet Suite software Open in a new window

*Our solution makes application described above possible. However, Murata Manufacturing is not selling the whole server and/or cloud system(s).


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