Wireless LAN Mesh Network Solution
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Software Stack

The WLAN mesh network solution provides required H/W, protocol stack and OS (part in red line of the figure). Customers only need to develop application layer to form a mesh network over wireless LAN for customer's use case. 
WLAN smart module  Software is implemented on MCU built-in, ultra small wireless LAN module or "Murata WLAN smart module". Customers who don't have practical experiences with introducing wireless LAN to customer's devices can achieve mesh network over wireless LAN by preparing a legacy interface, such as serial bus or GPIO.
Fujitsu "WisReed"
"WisReed" is multi-hop routing protocol that can construct or repair networks autonomously by judging the situation around a wireless terminal. "WisReed" features enable it to deal with a large scale network (10 million nodes) and switch network paths rapidly in comparison to other routing protocols even though the foot print is sufficiently small for a low-resource device. It has shown its performance capabilities in Japan, US and China power industries.
Main Feature
- Mesh networking can be installed easily in customers' equipment
- Existing Wi-Fi devices can be associated with node because node also operates as Wi-Fi access point or client.
- Construct a huge network autonomously
- Rapidly repair and maintain a network when impairment occurs or traffic is increased.
Main Specifications
WLAN Smart module (Type-YD)
Chip RFIC: Broadcom BCM43362
CPU: STMicroelectronics STM32F205 120MHz
Dimension 10.0mm (W) x 7.9mm (D) x 1.6mm (H)
Memory RAM:128KB
Radio 11b, g, n
Antenna Available (daughter board)
Phase mass production
Certification Telec,FCC,CE certified (daughter board only)
Mesh Network
Network Scale Can be used in large-scale networks of 10 million nodes or more
Nodes Per Gateway Approx. 1,000 (no theoretical limit)
Path Switching 1 ms or less (after failure detection)
Reachability 99.9% (actual value)
Specification IETF RFC 6971
Depth-First Forwarding (DFF) in unreliable networks
Major components
Solution Configuration
eForce: uC3/Compact, uNet3
Fujitsu: WisReed
Murata: WLAN smart module, Murata Wi-Fi Driver For RTOS, Murata SDIO Driver For RTOS
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