WLAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac
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The Evaluation Environments of IEEE802.11ac for Embedded System
High Throughput Environments
IEEE802.11ac Wi-FiⓇ module realize High Throughput Communication. However, we can't realize High Throughput from mounting IEEE802.11ac Wi-Fi module only.
Murata introduce an example of WLAN Evaluation kit that is consist of know-how of establishing the WLAN Evaluation environment and speed-up technique. Murata support to Developers who want to develop the their products with software prototyping.
Optimization for High speed communication.

Optimization for High speed communication

Developers need to optimize the Embedded system for "High speed communication".
■Using faster and powerful Application Processor
■High-speed Interface between Application Processor and Wi-Fi module.
■Optimization of Wireless LAN Setting Parameter
■Optimization of TCP/IP Parameter
For Engineering Board on Universal Application Processor, we provide the Murata Wi-FiⓇ module Evaluation kit of IEEE802.11ac, Wi-FiⓇ Driver Software and know-how of Speed-up. We can support your development with this solution.
The Example of Evaluation
WLAN Example of Evaluation
SDIO CLK Example of Evaluation
The Left figure is comparison about Wireless LAN specification. The Right figure is comparison about SDIO CLK that is interface between Application Processor and Wi-FiⓇ module.
You can evaluate the Wireless LAN Function between IEEE802.11n(2.4GHz only) to IEEE802.11ac(2.4/5GHz Dual).
The feature of Wireless LAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac
WLAN Feature
The feature of Wireless LAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac is follows,
■You can build Evaluation Environment for IEEE802.11ac in the short term.
■You can get to support by murata engineers that are Wi-FiⓇ Specialists.
If you develop the products with Wireless LAN function for the first time, you can evaluate the Wireless LAN function speedy and smoothly.
■You can focus to develop the application.
The Composition Example of Wireless LAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac
■The Composition Example of Wireless LAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac
・Murata Wi-FiⓇ Module EVK Kit
・Wi-FiⓇ Driver for Linux/Android
・SDIO Driver/ TCPIP Stacks Turning
・wpa_supplicant/hostapd porting
・Documents for Evaluation
・Software Support Service
Supported Application Processor Board : MCIMX6DL-SDP, MCIMX6Q-SDB
Supported OS : Linux / Android
※1 Please note that this kit is not intended to sales. This page introduced an example of Murata Software Support.
※2 We can deploy the Wireless LAN Evaluation kit to the other platform.
※3 For details, please contact us.
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*We do not sell "WLAN Evaluation Kit for IEEE802.11ac" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.
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