Wi-Fi Turnkey Solution for STM32 Series
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Turnkey Solution for your embedded system mounted Wi-Fi Function.

STMicroelectronics eForce Ubiquitous Murata

Our turnkey solution for your embedded system mounted Wi-Fi function consists of STMicroelectronics's microcontroller "STM32F4 Series(ARM®Cortex™-M4)/STM32F2 Series(ARM®Cortex™-M3)", eForce's RTOS "μC3/Compact", eForce's Protocol Stack "μNet3", Murata's Wi-Fi Driver "Murata Wi-Fi Driver For RTOS", Murata's SDIO Driver "Murata SDIO Driver For RTOS", and Ubiquitous's Simple Connect Software "Ubiquitous WPS/Wi-Fi Direct".
By choosing our solution for your embedded system, you can achieve an "easy" and "smooth" application development by utilizing our leading expertise in Wi-Fi embedded systems.
By avoiding the issue of combination on your embedded system, you can thus focus on developing the application to provide additional value for your customer. Our Turnkey Solution makes it possible.
Software Architecture for your network application

Software Architecture for your network application

Mounting Wi-Fi Function for your embedded system is not the Goal of your development. It is important what you develop as application and what you add the value.
The various components proposed via our turnkey solution are as follows,
■Operating System : μC3/Compact
  μITRON4.0 Spec Real-Time OS, Support for Commercial. Many embedded systems have adopted it already.
■Protocol Stack:μNet3
  Compact-Size Protocol Stack.Requires little memory. Support for μC3/Compact.
■SDIO Driver Software:Murata SDIO Driver For RTOS
  Support for SD Host Controller for STM32F2 Series/STM32F4 Series
■Wi-Fi Driver Software:Murata Wi-Fi Driver For RTOS
  Support for Murata Wi-Fi Module:
■Wireless LAN Simple Connected Software:Ubiquitous WPS/Wi-Fi Direct
  Very small size. It can connect between Wireless LAN system.
By using our solution, you can focus on developing the main application with our software.
According to your request, you can get your specific function. You can reduce development cost and immediately develop.
For your "SMART" development 
For your "SMART" development
■Our Turnkey solution was directly ramped to mass production. From theoutset, you can develop the application by relying on a supply of components in mass production.
■Murata Co.,Ltd can provide one-window support for your software development.
■According to your request and budget, you can choose from components via our solution.
■Wi-Fi Throughput is 15~20Mbps! Hi-Performance Microcontroller and Software enable High Throughputs.
■If you choose "Wi-Fi Software Evaluation Service ","Radio regulatory certification support Service" and "Wi-Fi certification support service" with our solution, you can gain Total support from your development to your sales.  
Main Feature
MCU(Micro Controller Unit) STMicroelectronics
STM32F2 Series / STM32F4 Series
※Mandatory : Support for SDIO Interface
Real Time OS eForce Co.,Ltd.
μITRON4.0 API Specification
・Data Queues
・Fixed-Size Memory Pools
・Cyclick Handlers
・Interrupt Management
・Shared Stack
Protocol Stack eForce Co.,Ltd.
SDIO Interface Driver Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Murata SDIO Driver Software For RTOS
・SDIO 2.0、supprots SDIO CLK 25MHz
・Supports SDIO direct memory Access(DMA)
Wi-Fi Function Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Murata Wi-Fi Driver Software For RTOS
※Depend on Murata Wi-Fi Module
・Single-band 2.4GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n or Dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5GHz IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n 
・Station Function 
    Security : Open/WPA2PSK2(AES)
・AccessPoint Function
WPS/Wi-Fi Dierct Function Ubiquitous Corporation
Ubiquitous WPS
・Enrollee, Registrar
Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Direct
・P2P : Device Discovery, Groupe Formation Power Management
Major components
The Structure of our solution
STMicroelectronics K.K.: STM32F2 Series / STM32F4 Series
eForce Co.,Ltd: μC3/Compact, μNet3
Ubiquitous Corporation: Ubiquitous WPS/Wi-Fi Direct
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*We do not sell "Wi-Fi Turnkey Solution for STM32 Series" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.
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