Evaluation kit solution for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth🄬 modules for microcomputers (STM32) equipped with real-time OS


Turnkey solution to realize mounted Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) + Bluetooth is now ready

STMicroelectronics eForce Ubiquitous Murata

This solution solves "problems caused by combinations" which is one of the major barriers in the development of embedded applications, and "quickly" and "smoothly" supports the development of embedded applications utilizing wireless communications (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). It also supports the creation of an advanced development environment by the STM32 Eval Board(evaluation board).

Software Architecture for your network application

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Software Architecture for your network application

CYW43455 Chipset
7.9 x 7.3 x 1.1 mm

802.11 b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth
Type 1MW

Type 1MW EVK board

(evaluation board)

evaluation kit

Mounting Wi-Fi Function for your embedded system is not the Goal of your development. It is important what you develop as application and what you add the value.

This kit includes all software needed to operate Murata modules connected to the STM32H743I-EVAL (evaluation board).

According to your request, you can get your specific function. You can reduce development cost and immediately develop.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth development environments can be constructed quickly

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth development environments can be constructed quickly
  • Reduces Development Time
    Our Turnkey Solution is directly linked to mass production. Reduces "wastefulness" and "back tracking" common to prototype development as much as possible, which enables application development for commercialization.
  • Supports Low Power Consumption
    A power saving function is available by the combination of the STM32 Dynamic EfficiencyTM and Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.
  • Short Startup Time Improves Throughput
    Compared with Linux, the short OS startup time enables high-speed wireless operation. (Example) i.MX6 solo (Linux) about 20 [s], STM32H7 RTOS about 488 [ms] (Time from power ON to radio-wave transmission), and the speed of the throughput improved about 3 times compared with the STM32F429 microcomputers
  • High API Compatibility
    The API compatible Wi-Fi driver complies with modules of IEEE802.11 b/g/n/ac. The Wi-Fi module can also be updated easily in the future.
  • Functions According to Customer Specifications (Option)
    Supports the TX GLOM (transmission throughput improvement) function and DFS (AP mode) function as well. The route of the Wi-Fi and BT can be selected according to the specification.
  • Total Support
    Total support from actual product development to mass production and sales is possible using the ST Microelectronics's ST32CubeMX, and the "Wireless Function Evaluation Service" and "Radio Law Certified/Wi-Fi Certification Acquisition Support Service" provided by Murata Manufacturing.
  • WTS (Wi-Fi Certification Program) (Option)
    Supports Wi-Fi Certification Program for throughput measurement tools and 802.11AC.


HW Feature

Applications Equipment which does not require communication speed, such as home appliances (Air conditioners) Camera, intercoms, drones, service -robots, etc.
Features For 802.11n
Low consumption
Quick startup
For 802.11ac
Quick startup
Product made by STMicroelectronics STM32F4 Series STM32F4 Series
CPU(microcomputers) Max. 180 MHz / 225DMIPS
ARM Cortex-M4F
ARM Cortex-M7
Memory Dual-bank Flash (Common to 1MB and 2MB products), 256KB
Dual bank 2MB Flash,1MB
Wi-Fi/IF SDIO2.0 SDIO4.0
LCD TFT Controller ○(1024×768) ○(1024×768),MIPI-DSI
Power Consumption 3.3V
103mA typ (180 MHz)*
103mA typ (180 MHz)*
100µA typ (Stop mode)
160mA typ (400 MHz)*
170µA typ (Stop mode)
Module made by Murata Manufacturing Type 1DX, etc. Type 1MW, etc.
Throughput TCP Station mode
TX 20.3 [Mbps]
RX 17.0 [Mbps] (2.4 GHz 20 MHz bandwidth)
TCP Station mode
TX 76.2 [Mbps]
RX 64.7 [Mbps] (5 GHz 80 MHz bandwidth)
OS uC3/Compact STMCube(FreeRTOS)

*STM32s current consumption at VDD 3.3V running from flash memory all peripheral enabled

SDIO,Wi-Fi SW Feature

Applicable modules Type 1DX, Type 1MW
SDIO Driver Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Murata SDIO Driver Software For RTOS
  • SDIO 2.0 supprots SDIO CLK 25 MHz(STM32F2/F4)
  • SDIO 4.0 supprots SDIO CLK 100 MHz(STM32H7)
  • Supprots SDIO direct memory Access(DMA)
Wi-Fi Function
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n/ac (Specification changes with the module used.)
  • Station Function
    Power Save Roaming
  • Access Point Function
  • Host Wake Up
  • Internal supplicant can be used
WPS / Wi-Fi Direct Ubiquitous WPS/Wi-Fi Direct
  • WPS2.0(PIN/PBC),Enrollee,Registar
  • P2P Device Discovery, Group Formation Power Management
ROM/RAM * Wi-Fi Driver ROM 60KB~ / RAM 10KB~
Firmware : ROM 510KB(STA)、500KB(AP)
WPS / Wi-Fi Direct ROM 130KB~ / RAM 30KB~

Bluetooth SW Feature

Bluetooth Spec Bluetooth 5.0 compliant OpenSynergy Blue SDK 6.x
Bluetooth Classic
Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Host Wake Up
Profile Classic GAP, SPP, FTP, HFP, AVP.HID.PAN, etc.
Bluetooth Low Energy:GATT, HID over GATT, IPSP, etc.
ROM/RAM * Bluetooth ROM 280KB~ / RAM 80KB~
Certifications Component certifications acquired

*ROM/RAM size depend on Bluetooth function adopted by your system 2018/06時点参考値

Major components

STMicroelectronics K.K:STM32F2,Series/STM32F4 Series/STM32H7 Series evaluation boardOpen in a new window

eForce Co.,Ltd:μC3/CompactOpen in a new window, μNet3Open in a new window

STMicroelectronics K.K:STMCube(Driver/Middleware/FreeRTOS)

Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd:Type1DX,1MW etc,Murata Wi-Fi Driver For RTOS, Murata SDIO Driver For RTOS

Ubiquitous Corporation:Ubiquitous WPS/Wi-Fi DirectOpen in a new window, Blue SDKOpen in a new window

*We do not sell "Wi-Fi Turnkey Solution for STM32 Series" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.
*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


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