Miracast™ Solution with sMedio
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Wireless Connectivity for Digital home electronics and car electronics
Wireless Connectivity for Digital home electronics and car electronics
Miracast™ Source/Sink Solution is total solution for Miracast. It is compatible with various form factors. You can embed Miracast by combining "sMedio Miracast Source/Sink Solution" and "Murata Wi-Fi Software Services".
Miracast™ Sink Software Stack for Linux®/Android®

Miracast™ Sink Software Stack for Linux®/Android®

We developed "Miracast™ Sink Software Stack for Linux/Android" for compatibility with smart phones and tablets. You can develop your product with display mirroring function. RTP/RTSP Library and Wi-Fi Direct controller made by sMedio is enables on various processor and OS.
Wi-Fi Driver under Miracast™ Sink Software stack is reliably supported by Murata, to satisfy your development efforts and volume production requirements.
Support for developing "Miracast™ Evaluation kit"
Support for developing Miracast™ Evaluation kit
You can directly observe and confirm Miracast™ performance by utilizing the "Murata Miracast™ Evaluation Kit". In addition, we can support your design activity by supplying a custom "Miracast™ Evaluation Kit". Please let us know if you are interested. ※
Supported Application Processor Board :
Supported OS :
※Developed for companies that are preparing for mass production or commercialization of their products.
The feature of sMedio Miracast Source/Sink Solution
●Copyright protection ー HDCP
 Software HDCP Engine
 Device Authentication/Key Exchange/HDCP decipherment
●User Operation ー User Input Back Channel
 UIBC Control
 Multi touch/ Key board input/ mouse operation
●Interoperability ー Live update
 Software Live Update
 Keeping compatibility with the latest Eco-System at all times.
Major components
●sMedio Miracast Source/Sink Solution
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*We do not sell "Miracast™ Solution with sMedio" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.
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