OWLiQ tracking - Indoor positioning system utilizing our own BLE mesh network technology.
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OWLiQ tracking - Simple and easy to use indoor positioning system using BLE radio wave
IoT Cloud System Framework
Our system is an indoor positioning system using Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) radio wave. It realizes location identification and flow line analysis in indoor facilities such as factories, warehouses and so on.
The BLE tag transmits radio waves periodically, and our unique receivers receive it and forward it to the Gateway through our own BLE mesh multi-hopping. The Gateway sends the received information to our cloud called 'SyCloud'. And the cloud calculates each tag position based on the information from the Gateway.
【Use case 】Real time searching for items in a factory to reduce cost
IoT Cloud System Framework
We have introduced our system in a factory that needs to reduce the search time of push carts.
The position of push carts are visualized in the unit of aisle so that workers are able to explore a specific cart in a short time. This shortened the overall work time and reduced the cost.
Our own BLE mesh network realizes low cost and easy installation!
  1. BLE mesh network makes installation and layout changes easy
    Our BLE receivers communicate with each other and build a BLE mesh network. Just by turning on the USB power supply, BLE receivers construct the BLE mesh network and positioning area immediately.
  2. BLE tag operating several years
    Our BLE tag operates by a coin battery (CR 2032) for 8 years maximum.
  3. Easily cooperate with external system applications
    Indoor positioning cloud system "Sycloud" provides positioning results via Web API. It makes cooperation with external system applications easy.
  4. We can also support on-premises system
    SyCloud can also be installed in a closed network.
Major components
Providing system solutions from cloud to end devices!
Please refer to following pdf file.

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