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The solution for healthcare industry

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Hospitals are often concerned that the management of medical devices with barcode requires too much time of hospital staffs, sacrifycing valuable time that should be spent for the treatment of the patients.

RFID technology offers simple and efficient system that can manage the equipments, patients, staffs, and medications. It brings doctors to concentrate more on the prevention of medical erros and further improvement of patient care.

Recommended RFID tags

An image of small tag

Micro tag
Micro tag is suitable for embedding inside products. (size: 1.25x1.25x0.55mm) Able to be read in close proximity (< 10mm).

An image of inlay

Inlay is a label type tag suitable for price tags and packages. Able to be read in long distance (5-6m).

An image of on-metal tags

On-metal tag
Able to be read attached on metal.

How to attach

An image of medical equipments with small tags embedded.

Embedding into medical devices
Micro tags can be embedded into medical devices.

An image of surgical tools with on-metal chip attatched

Attaching onto medical devices/equipment
Small on-metal tags can be attached onto medical devices/equipments such as surgical tools.

An image of inlay attached on package and consumables

Atacching on package
Inlay can be pasted on package of consumable items.

How to read

An image of pocket reader/writer

Pocket reader
A small sized reader that can read micro tags

An image of handheld reader/writer

Hand-held reader
Able to effectively and quickly scan data

An image of fixed reader/writer

Fixed reader
Able to read a massive amount of tags at once, improving the efficiency of logistics


Surgical tool tracking

Attaching on surgical tools. This prevents the loss of surgical tools and keeps record of the number of the use.

An image of surgical tools with RFID tag attaced for use count and lost prevention

Verification of medical devices

Making sure the right device and right medication is used for the right patient in order to prevent miss-medication.

An image of medical equipments with RFID tags attatched for prevention of miss-medication.

Identification of test tube

Identification of individual object such as blood sample. Unlike barcode, RFID tag can be read with dew condensation in low temperature.

An image of sample tubes with RFID tags attached

Logistics traceability

Managing the logistics traceability on equipment and devices by reading at each point of factories, logistics centers, and hospitals.

An image of reading RFID tags on package.

The solution for other industries

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