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The solution for fashion/retail industry

An image of shopping bag for fashion/apparel industry

RFID is becoming a must-have tool for apparel industry. The development of RFID technology has enabled the industry to effectively collect data at each point of their production cycle.

RFID is now not just a tool for cost reduction, it has become a strong weapon to create value added service/products.

Recommended RFID tags

An image of small tag

Micro tag
Micro tag is suitable for embedding inside products. (size: 1.25x1.25x0.55mm)Able to be read in close proximity (< 10mm).

An image of inlay

Inlay is a label type tag suitable for price tags and packages. Able to be read in long distance (5-6m).

How to attach

An image of small tag embedded into small products(cosmetics, accessaries)

Embedding into products
Micro tags can be embedded into small products such as accessary.

An image of inlay attached to price tag and care label

Attaching to price tag, care label
Inlay can be pasted on with a sticker or processed in between the layer of label.

An image of inlay attached to package

Atacching on package
Inlay can be pasted on package

How to read

An image of pocket reader

Pocket reader
A small sized reader that can read micro tags

An image of handheld reader/writer

Hand-held reader
Able to effectively and quickly scan data

An image of fixed reader/writer

Fixed reader
Able to read a massive amount of tags at once, improving the efficiency of logistics


Inspection of goods

RFID can improve the efficiency of inspection in factories, logistics centers, and stores. Reading tags at once can greatly reduce the time and manpower used for inspection. Unlike barcode, RFID tag can be read even with dirt on the label.

An image of effective inspection with RFID system

Inventory count

RFID enables efficient operation in inventory count in logistics centers, backyards, and stores. By reducing the time and manpower used for inventory count, the operation in storefront can be improved.

An image of inventory count in store backyard with RFID system

Data collection

With RFID the stores can keep record on the product flow between the storefront and backyard, and conduct inventory count in real time. This enables the stores to have real time data on stock to find out a product in need of replenishment.

An image of visualization of real time stock

Anti-counterfeit/greymarket provision

Micro tags embedded inside high valued products such as brand products and jewelry can be utilized for anti-counterfeit/greymarket provision purpose. This enables the protection of brand image, and reduction of damage from counterfeit products and unarthorized sale.

An image of anti-counterfeit solution by implimenting small tags in brand/laxury products.

Demonstration videos

The solution for other industries

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