Visualizing Fat Metabolism

We are looking for collaboration partners to develop
“health management business using an acetone indicator.”

  • Description

    A partner who can plan, promote, and collaborate with our business plan for specific health maintenance guidance using “acetone indicator.”

  • Products used

    The “acetone indicator” is an exhaled breath gas analyzer that uses a simple gas chromatograph.


  • ・Industries interested in specific health maintenance guidance for companies
  • ・Health Organizations that promote carbohydrate restriction
  • ・Municipalities, public institutions, and other organizations that want to conduct joint research on improving the fiscal state of the national health insurance system
acetone indicator Pod

What is acetone indicator

Acetone is one of the ketone bodies generated during fat metabolism and is a substance that is detected in exhaled breath. Measuring acetone to visualize fat metabolism to show the diet effect in real time will sustain the motivation to diet and contribute to individual health management, so we developed the exhaled breath gas analyzer “acetone indicator.”

We aim to create low-carbohydrate diet contents utilizing acetone indicators to have post-specific health examination (metabolic syndrome examination) guidance be widely used in the diet and healthcare fields. We are looking for collaboration partners that have expertise in such fields as management of health devices and equipment rental businesses to undertake this activity together with us. The biogas business has not yet become a large market, so this looks to be an area that can be challenged with a small start.

acetone indicator Developer

Achieving a highly accurate, compact, and low-cost acetone indicator

During the 20 years since at age 35 when I was diagnosed as a metabolic syndrome at the first metabolic syndrome examination, I continued to attend swimming schools, tennis schools, the gym, etc., but I wasn’t able to lose the weight. Rapid weight loss by some family members, however, inspired me to try the low-carb diet and I was able to lose 10kg in 2 months and my readings, such as for neutral fat, liver function, and blood sugar, all enter the normal range.

What allowed me to keep motivated at this time was using a foreign-made acetone indicator, but the indicators that were available where either low priced but with poor accuracy or high accuracy but with a high price and large size. For this reason I decided to provide a highly accurate, compact, and low-cost indicator unlike existing products by creating a system that could measure just acetone gas with good selectivity by making the device smaller using Murata’s small and thin components.

From my personal experience I was convinced that low-carb diet using an acetone indicator would provide an effective means for escaping the increasing social problem of metabolic syndrome and decreasing the number of borderline diabetics and thereby creating a socially significant business that could contribute to greatly reducing the country’s medical expenditure.

acetone indicator Developer

To realize the health of people

The number of diabetics in Japan exceeds 10 million people and when combined with borderline diabetics this number exceeds 20 million. *1Further, the national expenditure on medical expenses for diabetes exceeds 1.2 trillion yen. *2For this reason, metabolic syndrome medical examinations implemented with the hope of being an effective countermeasure for diabetics and producing results in the future will be required to actually produce results in addition to being an enlightening activity. (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare initiative: 2nd Phase Data Health Plan) People diagnosed with metabolic syndrome will receive “specific health maintenance guidance” for improving their lifestyle habits as a post-diagnosis follow-up to prevent the syndrome from developing into diabetes. Although this guidance is extremely effective, it is difficult for the patients to see if they are following the advice correctly, and there is the problem that it is difficult for patients to stay motivated.

If an acetone indicator can be used to numerically visualize fat metabolism, these problems would be solved, which is expected to further improve the effectiveness of the special health maintenance guidance. The body fat metabolism can be seen in particular during sugar restriction, so I would like contents that combine a low-carb diet with the acetone indicator to be widely provided in locations where specific health maintenance guidance is given.

I am involve with this development today because I have the dream that I want to support as many people as possible who have difficulty managing their health as I did with my metabolic syndrome so that they can become healthy, the medical expense burden can be decreased, and a bright future will be left for the children.

*1 2017 National Health and Nutrition Study (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
*2 FY2017 National Medical Expense Overview (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)


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