Brain Navi

We are looking for collaboration partners to develop
“brainwave sensors and the brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi)*.”

*Name as of December 2019

  • Description

    A partner who can plan, promote, and collaborate with our business plan for using the brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi).

  • Products used

    Brainwave sensors and brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi)


  • ・Partners want to develop new services and apps for applications that obtain cognitive information from brainwave sensors and the brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi)/ERP (Event Related Potential).
  • ・Partners who are developing learning, employee training, games, contents services, etc.
brainwave sensors and the brainwave analysis platform (Brain Navi)

What is Brain Navi

Murata is working on ways to analyze the brain signals that show the response to stimulus received by humans and effectively use this information to provide effective education, training, and adaptive contents. Murata is utilizing the expertise it has developed in miniaturization, high accuracy, and synchronization technologies as a device manufacturer to develop brainwave sensor devices. Brain Navi is a brainwave analysis platform that visualizes the cognitive information (visual, aural, understanding, etc.) obtained from brainwaves measured using this device and provides feedback in real time. This is generally called event related potentials.

For example, Brain Navi is possible to analyze brain signals related to differentiating sound. With a partner company we developed an application that feeds back real-time information to improve English listening ability in a short time.
As in the case above, we need collaboration partners that think of new applications and ways to provide value utilizing this visualized cognitive information.

Brain Navi development team

Brain Navi was born from the desires of a developer who finds it bothersome to do many things

Murata has a culture and system for freely proposing new businesses regardless of the department or position. I have worked for many years as an engineer developing capacitors, which are used in all kinds of electronic devices in the world. When I had the chance to propose a new business, I got the idea to utilize my experience with this “unsung hero” to take on the challenge of developing things in a new field directly related to people (consumers).

What interested me here was “knowing people’s status.” Further, I generally don’t like dealing with inefficient things, so I thought that if the obtained information could be used to create a world where “services that match me are unconsciously provided to me” could be created, it would be really easy and efficient. What caught my attention was neural feedback, which holds the potential in a variety of fields for visualizing people’s cognition (seeing, hearing, understanding, feelings) through brainwaves and brain activity. While working on this development, I encountered a partner that deploys neural feedback in the consumer market, and so Brain Navi was born through joint development with this partner. Even though this was a theme I started by myself, now members with adventuresome spirits that like new things are participating and working on the development as a team in cooperation with project owners, marketing supervisors, device, algorithm and system development supervisors and the collaboration partner.

Brain Navi development team

Toward an age when services that match me are unconsciously provided to me

We want to use Brain Navi to utilize the visualized cognitive information data to contribute to a more efficient and comfortable world for each individual. How about experiencing with us a world where adaptive services are provided to match the situation of each individual as the values of people continue to diversify in the future? It is exciting to think that the time when services are provided to us unconsciously is nearly here.


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.