Making Sensor-to-Cloud
We are looking for collaboration partners to develop “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor”

  • Description

    A partner who can plan, develop, promote, and collaborate with our business plan in the IoT domain (or business domain) with a sensor platform utilizing “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor.”

  • Products used

    The devices “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor” which can bundle information from multiple sensors, connect to the cloud, digitalize various information, and use it to provide services.


  • ・Partners who want to create services in the IoT domain (or business domain)
  • ・Partners involved mainly with AI and the cloud
  • ・Partners who want to reduce the time to create service systems
Pifaa Edge/ Pifaa xSensor


We believe that the IoT business is about revolutionizing the customer experience and optimizing the “Life Time Value” for the customer through a series of value chains.

Our team develops “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor” devices that are used to bundle information from multiple sensors, put this information on the cloud, digitalize and utilize it for services as a platform for IoT businesses. Our team consists of very unique and diverse members who enjoy working on new things from a variety of perspectives such as hardware and software development, the cloud technology and business planning.

Together let’s build a new world that cannot be accomplished only with the technology of Murata Manufacturing.

Pifaa Edge/ Pifaa xSensor engineer

To Solve IoT Business Problems

The IoT business world is engaged in creating new value by extending beyond the boundaries of companies in different industries and cultures. The development of services using IoT involves a variety of players, such as software companies, service companies, and hardware companies like Murata. We must identify the gaps (different perspectives) in business speed and IT literacy among the various types of companies, mutually supplement the necessary or deficient elements (assets), and then quickly build and commercialize systems.

Pifaa Edge/ Pifaa xSensor engineer

For example, the development of IoT services requires a lot of time for part procurement, manufacturing, and inspection, etc. This results in needing to provide small quantity/large variety for each deal, which is cost prohibitive, and thus prevents smooth business startup. Further, when coordination between the hardware and the cloud is required, which poses the major problems of the time and cost required to overcome the differences in company culture and communication between different industries.

“Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor” is a method for solving these problems to eliminate the gaps. We provide an environment that lets our partners and users specialize in verification and problem solving using the data.

Collecting data faster than anyone and smoothly managing devices

“Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor” which utilizes the hardware design and wireless telecommunications technology that are strengths of Murata, is an edge solution that makes it easy to bundle information from multiple sensors and link it to the cloud to speed up the IoT business creation and verification cycle. Quick start is possible without the need to install and setup complex drivers and apps.
Conventional hardware transmitted the sensed information using a communication function. Pifaa Edge/xSensor, however, employs a system that connects a Wi-Fi module to the cloud to control the sensors (device management) to make it possible to add sensing sources and change the sensor thresholds.

A characteristic of “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor” is that sensors can be freely increased or modified when you want to add or expand services. Just adding devices to match service expansion allows additional devices of the same specification to be added while eliminating the hassle of having to set each individual device each time. Further, there is no need to switch the sensors with new ones or to calibrate them from the beginning to match the settings or local usage environment. In addition, even if the same device is used, it can be used as a sensing source by assigning it a different role by using a different algorithm.

This provides the value of visualizing the customer experience and designing concepts that more closely match customer usage making it possible, for example, to conduct remote centralized control of information by installing the devices in multiple stores and facilities of a franchise operation.
*The current sensor lineup can sense the environment, illumination, environmental sound, and vibration.

Aiming for the Next Stage in “Pifaa Edge/Pifaa xSensor”

What problems in the world could be solved by using which combinations of sensors, setting which thresholds, and installing in which situations? Our prospect going forward is to further expand our sensor lineup and build an IoT infrastructure.

Would you like to join us and develop and deploy the algorithms (intelligence) that lead to this solution together?

Pifaa device manual


Murata Manufacturing is looking for research institutions, companies, and other organizations who are in the relentless pursuit of innovation and interested in turning ideas into unique solutions that could quite possibly shape the future of electronics and our global society.