Real time location tracking solution using Wi-Fi radio wavepowered by the WirelessAI™ of Origin Wireless™


Take advantage of Wi-Fi radio wave as location tracking.

ORIGIN™ WirelessAI NXP Murata

We can track something by using Wi-Fi radio wave with a combination of WirelessAI™ technology by Origin Wireless™ and Murata’s wireless module technology. This technology is enabled by the channel state information (CSI) and H-matrix data provided by NXP’s IC firmware.

Use cases

This solution uses Wi-Fi radio waves to track the indoor location of objects and people. The Wi-Fi radio waves is transmitted from the transmitter station (Satellite) and received by the receiver (Tracker) as it moves.
Wi-Fi radio waves is reflected by various obstacles and propagate multiple paths. The tracker receives reflected waves and analyzes the difference in the arrival time, strength and etc. from them. Then tracker calculates the travel distance and maps its location. Easy and inexpensive to install, it provides indoor location tracking anywhere, temporary installation is available on construction sites in addition to supermarkets and factories.

  • Location Tracking and confirmation of traffic line for Automatic Guided Vehicle(AGV), container and cart at factory and warehouse

  • Location Tracking and confirmation of traffic line for shopping cart

  • Location Tracking for working vehicle(forklift, aerial vehicle etc.) at construction site with temporary installation.


  • As a minimum configuration, a single transmitter station (Satellite) can be installed to track multiple receivers (trackers) in real time within the reachable range of the Wi-Fi radio waves.
  • It is limited to indoor areas because it uses reflected radio waves, but it can be tracked with high accuracy.


  • Wi-Fi radio waves sent from transmitter station (Satellite) spread in concentric circles.
  • At indoors, Wi-Fi radio waves is reflected by walls and obstacles, then multiple reflected waves are generated.
  • A receiver (Tracker) receives a direct wave and some reflected waves as multipaths.
  • A receiver (Tracker) gets channel state information included amplitude or phase of the signal etc from multipath received from transmitter station(Satellite).
  • As the recceiver(Tracker) moves, the CSI which got from multipath changes.
  • This solution calculate "Distance" from changes of CSI. We can track the receiver (Tracker) using combination "Distance" with "Direction" detected by other method.


  • To assume that only direct waves and reflected waves from their respective corners reach the receiver (Tracker).
  • To assume that receiver (Tracker ) can detect "time until reach the receiver" and "Received Signal Strength Indication(RSSI)" only.
  • This solution caluculate "distance" from changes of Wi-Fi radio waves between before move and after move and track receiver using it.
Location Tracking

Mapping from the start point, overlapping "Distance" and "Direction".

Tracker trails can be displayed on a map from starting point on real time.

Support service for PoC(Proof of Concept) test

Murata can provide ”Support Service for PoC Test" before you develop commercial product and service.

  • Lending of "Evaluation kits"

  • Cloud service for Evaluation

  • Technical Support for installation and operation.

*Service offerings are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.

Our Products

Evaluation board
Murata Wi-Fi module For Sensing
Part Number
WLAN NXP Chipset 88W8997
WLAN NXP Chipset 88W8997
Bluetooth® Ver.5.1
Interface WLAN : PCI Express
Bluetooth® : UART
Dimensions (mm) 22mm × 30 mm
Operating Temp. (℃) T.B.D.
  • *We will provide evaluation kits to customers who will produce their products more than 10K a year.
  • *We do not sell "Wi-Fi Sensing Solution" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.


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