Position Detection LPS System
Combining Locix Technology and Wi-Fi Module


High-quality, compact Murata Wi-Fi module
High-accuracy, low-power-consumption Locix LPS

LOCIX Digitizing Physical Space Murata

The Position Detection LPS System is a module capable of locating Wi-Fi-equipped devices with accuracy within 1 meter in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Compared with positioning systems utilizing existing Wi-Fi technology, it makes it possible to locate, track, and analyze the positions of persons and objects with extremely high accuracy even in busy indoor environments at low cost.
This system enables enterprises to increase visibility substantially and thereby boost productivity and efficiency.


Proprietary Localization Algorithms from Locix
and Wi-Fi technology from Murata

  • Accurate performance in dynamically changing environments
  • Open API allowing integration with enterprise applications
  • UI with analytics function for visualizing KPIs
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

There are a variety of issues in actual operating settings, such as non-line-of-sight environments or multipath-tolerant environments. Even in such environments, the Locix LPS provides more highly accurate position information than competing products.

  Wi-Fi BLUE
Sub-m Accuracyindoor,non-line of sight.multipath tolerant
Total Cost of Ownership
Flexible Deploument Model

Usage settings

  • Warehouses, Factories

  • Hospitals

  • Indoor Navigation

  • Offices, Retail

Application examples

  • Tracking of resources to increase operational efficiency and utilization
  • Monitoring the occupancy status of buildings
  • Boosting productivity of employees
  • Maintenance services
  • Tracking of high-value assets, inventory and semi-finished goods
  • Indoor navigation

Solution utilization example

- Distribution center warehouse -
LPS solution for indoor position detection

The LPS solution utilizes multiple fixed stations (anchors) installed inside the distribution warehouse to track the positions of tags attached to persons and objects in order to improve the flow lines within the warehouse and boost productivity.

- Main functions -

  • Sub-1m accurate, real-time location
  • Display of heat maps
  • Measurement of distance travelled
  • Tracking and analysis of activity
  • Open API for integration

Locix’s patented local positioning system (LPS) technology is employed to collect highly accurate indoor positioning information, and this, combined with highly accurate cloud analysis, is used to provide visualization and unique insights related to operations.

Configuration diagram

Tracker specifications

Radio 2.4/5GHz Locix MAVS11 / Sub-GHz TI CC1310
WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2x2 MIMO
LPAN IEEE802.15.4
Sensors Temperature, Inertial
Interface SPI
Dimensions 28mm×30mm
Shield/Mold Metal Shield

Solution configuration

Murata Manufacturing: LPS module

Locix: Locix LPS (trackers and anchors)Open in a new window

Note: The application featured in the utilization example on this page is not itself available for sale. It is introduced here as an example of the ways in which Murata products can be put to use.


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